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Putian shoes shoes and boots city to be the major business software for Hercynian

To comprehend than 900 businessmen stationed shoes products, December 35, 2009, metropolis of Putian shoes lavish opening. Total investment of more than 360 mil yuan with Putian Location, Fujian Province shoes critical project started in January 2007, spanning 300 mu, building subject of 30 500 square measures, set connected with shoe gross sales of clothing products, shoe unit, shoe present, finished clothing present, logistics in addition to distribution in its entirety, set 1402 exposure, is this Hercynian the best and almost all versatile shoes skilled market of raw materials, it is significant shoes the business sector transactions, facts exchange software. Meanwhile, Putian Putian shoes clothing city has become approved because of the municipal federal to put into practice national regional brand, "two focuses, two bases" (or "China Boots innovation base", "Chinese running shoe export base", "Chinese shoes Marketplace R & Debbie center inch, " China and taiwan Footwear Facts Center ") with the" a couple bases "of this construction do the job, and shoes with Putian Location, the" a couple center "reserved the employment of space.

Chain lags behind the development connected with imperfections attributable to

The words ugg boots-Cardy Black color UGGS, ugh shoes and ug boots are used seeing that generic words for ugg sheepskin shoes in Quotes since 1950 in addition to 1960 Man-made and man-made fur boots do not need these houses and sheepskin Cardy Black color UGGS usually are highly prized with regards to effectiveness. Cardy Black color UGGS are made to be utilized without socks as a way to maximize features about sheepskin. The can easily ugg shoes button is usually a calf-height boot constructed from genuine twin-face sheepskin. The upper cuff within this traditional style incorporates a natural curl, making just about every pair a little bit different in addition to uniquely your own property.

The Bailey Press button uggs is usually updated that has a wooden UGG brand button in addition to elastic wedding band closure and since with many UGG Bailey Button in this Classic variety, this boot carries a soft space-age foam insole insured with true sheepskin possesses a light-weight and variable outsole intended for refreshing ease with just about every step. I'm certainly that a children will probably can't guide themselves in addition to loved these individuals, roll 100 % pure thick Quotes merino lambs wool, healthy protect covering of little ones feet seeing that socks, flexible insole manufactured more living space for rapidly growing foot or so for reasonable length of time wearing! Children's convenience Ugg Typical Cardy lilac match your little princess more! Cheaper charge connected with Discount Baby Ugg Shoes online, some sort of bailey press button kids low cost Australia advertise $105, twenty dollar more cost-effective than older ugg bailey press button boots! Black color, chestnut, dull, chocolate, went up, sand easily obtainable in kids bailey press button and typical short ugg shoes kids, variable fasten press button which with emboss having UGG brand!

The nineties connected with last centuries, the swift development connected with Putian running shoe industry, to 1993 in the event the 10th anniversary to create the location of Putian, already has in excess of 100 running shoe companies, 12-monthly production connected with over billion pairs connected with shoes, exports regarding green thousand different types of species, available to 35 countries in addition to regions. Putian boots industry technological know-how and managing level can also be more mature in this particular period, production on the only shoes, household leather shoes, develop to provide high, choice and small taste, coloration variety, hugely merchants allowed the activities shoes, And this includes, three-way, Lei Bao, Nike, Adidas along with famous activities shoes, by far the most famous, the favourite.

However, the boots industry with China Putian innovative was before long broken. At this point, 17 a long time before growing to be county-level location in Jinjiang, boots output importance 39. 5 billion in 08, has a lot exceeded Putian, possesses 8 nation's brands, information technology for identical products, companies and well-known trademarks in China and taiwan 80% on the total. In the event the "Anta", "special step", "361 degrees" along with brand showcased and shouted out america when Jinjiang, Putian just about 200 shoe within the scale, solely "Water", "Double Chi" The two of these state-level model. And in excess of 20 in the past, although the length of Putian Shoes and boots widening, even so the industrial structure has not yet fundamentally modified, "processing" mode keep use currently. The change is of which, in way back when Putian running shoe do OEM intended for foreign models, and at this point many from the neighborhood on the brand to try and do OEM Jinjiang.

For an extended time, Putian boots and textile and item of clothing industry chain seriously isn't perfect, to manufacture a larger development on the industry's demands. Procurement of raw materials from offshore, not solely labor, shipment expenses usually are huge, and often on the order of the time and 100 % completion. Hua Cheng Shoes and boots Co., Ltd. Huangshi Biao car finance calculations: the shoes, vogue shoes, relaxed shoes, bracelets common sunflower, one example is, Putian shoe invest in Dongguan, Guangdong, sunflowers 1 yuan just about every; if your neighborhood order, given that 0. 3 yuan.

From the new centuries, Putian revitalize the "shoe city" Treasures on the calls go on, government business units make good efforts to back up the running shoe business progress. "Water" field hockey shoes, this "double Chi" footballing shoes, "Luo Chi" mountain climbing shoes, "Season of" relaxed shoes, along with the rapid increase of completely new forces, domestic in addition to international current market impact continues to increase. With 2008, Putian Location, was accorded the "Chinese running shoe export basic, " this title duration, Putian City has also focused within the shoe size of more than 20 corporations support some sort of unified product called "Chinese running shoe export basic, " sales on the company brand, "Chinese boots export base", "Putian very good brand" along with signs with the operation connected with domestic unity, and endeavor to 3 a long time, the gross sales network covering the whole state.

The volume of shoe Putian rising, but until finally 2006, the local do not need a substantial shoe market to back up the skilled development connected with shoe-making marketplace, many corporations only traveled to Wenzhou, Jinjiang to order. To said bluntly, that is certainly, the fresh material with Putian firm money can have handed to the site someone more.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Of underwear of body of model of bridal sex appeal choose law of 24 formal attire

Beautiful underwear is a secret, the woman that knows underwear is the woman that makeup girl to apply for a job knows him care, him care. A dress stylist says, 9 minutes of idea when people the flower is in " face " and agree to spend one cent idea to be in only " lining " when, represented human nature to seek utilitarian one side. And learn to divide idea to be in gradually " lining " when, we can discover another world, "Lining " reflected individual interest, represented popular feeling tide. A small underwear spoke women to be about to say to return resting word.

Elegant underwear, those who resemble the profusion of the mystery of silk, flower, cloud is lightsome, be permeated with the lasting appeal of move spring. In season of such unreal of a demon, worry of what kind of woman can underwear recount? Listen to it to come to your tirelessly path.

Be puzzled of U reaching the beauty

Applicable: Tie-in evening installs Dresses

In costly evening banquet, sex appeal is that instant that lets a person the first times see you. New fund underwear changes the rut former days, of original creation deep " U " model underwear, in reservation tradition underwear bear hold modelling function in the palm while makeup girl to apply for a job, the heart underwear join place is reduced considerably, make a female OK the choice that follow a heart is various low bosom appearance or Dresses, the underwear that also need not worry about you again is not quite low, believe you can become ball queen certainly, glaring full-court!

Buy recommend: Reach the beauty distinctly " U " be puzzled underwear, black, aureate, purple, all exhibit charm and sex appeal.

Bundle the body is free also

Applicable: Model perfect curve

Repair the occurrence of form underwear, as if return showily and asphyxial Victoria times, no matter be Shi Bei of bow one's head, or dance appearance sways, can hold perfect line at any time. No matter be cold winter, or is the spring with warm to apply for a job of lukewarm makeup girl, also can body appearance is lithe and graceful, the curve is moving.

Buy recommend: Traditional bundle the garment is met the movement as the body is raised and be out of shape, the patent and adjustable bone of special design bundle taste newly personally, the richer force that prop up and stretch space, can bend as the extend of the body and freely is adjustable, let a woman maintain groove at any time and place.

Wear underwear to also resemble doing SPA

Applicable: Of nervous business " pressure woman "

Steel group lets underwear become portray a woman of perfect body form " demon medicine " . But today season is new the three-dimensional and stereo steel that in tasting, chooses is encircled more the surmounting that brought up a times, corner coming back spends special gold, more stick makeup girl to apply for a job to add up to a breast stereo curved surface, can decompose steel effectively to encircle pressure, it is better to bring bear hold in the palm and focus the effect. Even if is being worn all the day, also be just as SPA kind relaxed and comfortable.

Buy recommend: Delicate bud silk and romantic and melting design and color are this season advocate dozen, amorous feelings woman more but the black bud silk of risky choice sex appeal, show the woman's particular individual character and glamour.

Beautiful underwear enchanter

Applicable: Leotard unlined upper garment

The woman is seductive because of beauty, be still because of temptation beauty? The most beautiful is that mystery.

When matching with leotard unlined upper garment, the brim of underwear always is met not makeup girl to apply for a job is highlighted timelily come out, awkwardness cannot be concealed. Today season is special of research and development invisible cover cup technology, special groove cup structure can let overspread joint of a cup of brim and bosom line nature, one integrated mass, although deserve to go up the thinnest the most close-fitting dress, need not worry completely also show a trace.

Buy recommend: Contracted agitation again ablaze come on stage, invisible cover cup is contracted and not simple, no matter be blackish green of element yellow or, become today Ji Xinchong, high and easy, let you do an elegant wife!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The corrupt practice that management must prevent shadow building

The elite that has thought in shadow building work him promotion serves a level to perhaps be about to prepare to enter shadow building industry to develop people place must have a good command of and maintain grasped shadow building to manage a technology!

1, empiricism, innovating is blind lane, operator of building of a few shadows is in before the success was scored in experience, the train of thought that always likes to take the past goes weighing new market, little imagine market is in constant change, the service that different period consumer photographs to Wedding Dresses asks to differ, and the core that photography serves sells dot and expressional manner to also have different, empiricism makes we take roundabout way very easily, even sale fails. Regard a shadow as the highest decision-maker of the building, also should leave the market, understand newest trends, with when all is entered, ability knows innovation. Old service project, its conduct propaganda is packed often also should update, want the advantage element with original follow, just be likely in the market remain invincible.

2, manage out of control, bad news fathers to affect the executive force of the group again inside. As the develops a group strength of shadow building, between this fight of human affairs of human affairs dispute can make the group hurts vitality greatly, past state-operated enterprise always most serious, civilian battalion enterprise also has, a lot of employee are not to working to be in however among this be an upright person, study human relations technically. Oneself won't do, also not allow to make others do, wary the world is not random. Some shadow building personnel still are troubled by factional, form do not become resultant force, company natural resources is great use up, in complex and changeful market environment, cohesive affinity of noisy whole group mixes serious picture executive force. But what manage instead is meticulous also can be just the opposite to what one wished too strictly, hard to avoid cannot get trustful impression to employee, doubt person need not, choose and employ persons not doubt, can accomplish trustful like Liu Chuanzhi Yang Yuanqing actually in that way is not much really, so of China associate to also have only. To employee a relatively free space develops ability, often can think the additional results that be less than of purpose.

3, expectation is too tall, change will be like difficult make good of a lantern with paper cut figures of men, after we maintain a management strategy, the need when putting into effect holds to this strategy for long, cannot change will change, change often perhaps hold dish of hand, sale is politic ignore left ignore right, let competitor seizes opportunity take advantage of an opportunity and go up, can allow a company the incur in be being managed is tremendous loss. Any manages politic metropolis to have his benefit and disadvantage, hold dish of hand newly, also can have oneself operation train of thought, people has a variety of one extremely strong expression desires again, go very hard accepting original train of thought, wary concern is thought to do not have definite idea by people or ability is limited.

4, originality only beautiful, politic few suffers numerous be hard to accept, building of a lot of shadows advertisement is originality when doing originality and originality, distain to go after perfect, a lot of profound clever the picture that wants to blend in expression, especially TV ad, the consumer in short a few seconds fails to comprehend went, water of a mist, do not know shadow building even what selling. Very apparent, this is the waste of resource of a kind of advertisement. Planar advertisement goes after individual character overly also, project oneself of do one's best how savour, capture eyeball very hard when the reader scans so, also cannot photograph the heart of consumer, more do not talk to go up to be accepted, advertisement cost can hit water to float.

5, stand high above the masses, effect of sales promotion of negligence be born sells at a discount greatly. Advertisement cannot be broken away from suffer numerous, go to blindly Taiwan, abroad on rely on may not to be able to reveal a product to honour. Want to know, consumer majority is average crowd, they hope advertisement and oneself are relevant, ability attracts them, move them. Advertising purpose should solve sale force problem namely, if blindly conduct propaganda, take no account of the follow-up in managing to also will risk huge risk. Some shadow buildings advertise in great quantities on media, ignore terminal sale, the market that its form is being managed by the competitor however in intercept, cause him investment and outstanding achievement unbalance, adversary reap where one has not sown.

6, follow suit blindly, know fur not to tell the pork only. Following suit is the hobby of little picture building in majority, gigantic to be being spent with its for them endowment development market, cultivate the market, be inferior to following suit the experience that big picture building copies them to succeed, its success gimmick reachs according to politic, will share successful market, follow suit study itself all give no cause for more criticism, good experience should recommend promotion this give no cause for more criticism, but building of a lot of shadows follows suit often discursive, ignore oneself condition blind follow the lead of is final and cannot succeed.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Power sea marriage celebrates the Cultural Festival start by March

The marriage that has force most to make Weihainian spend celebrates culture grand meeting, for bank crowd of city comfortable marriage is offerred the most all ready one-stop high-quality goods marriage celebrates service platform, power the unit such as power sea municipal Party committee rolls out the Youth League of combination of placard trade group ceremoniously " marriage of 2011 power seas celebrates the Cultural Festival " activity, mobile time is came 27 days on March 25, mobile place shows central C house for power sea international. Current, marriage celebrate the Cultural Festival to enrol business activity to be started in the round, face a society to collect business of name of mobile total coronal, cent business of mobile coronal name and ginseng postpone business.

As we have learned, current " marriage celebrate the Cultural Festival " the spot activity that will hold rich and colorful, spring of 2011 power seas dates the congress that make friend, " constant love · is long " modelling of Wedding Dresses of meeting, fashionable bride releases love song special performance and love poem the activity of 8 big themes of the elaborate scheme such as show all appears on all, bank come in the loves people to will participate in rich and colorful adequately activity of the city. In the meantime, the sweethearts that every enters an activity can be enjoyed not only marriage the recreational regale that celebrates Cultural Festival too many beautiful things, mobile spot still exhibits setting culture craft the area, "Romantic houseful " photography work exhibits Sino-South Korean vogue and " hundred years close very much " photo of ceremony of power sea marriage is exhibited reach folk-custom to exhibit will wonderful appear, the vogue, delicate, exhibit that has culture grade extremely is sure let watch the person that exhibit opens horizon greatly and somewhat behead is obtained.

In addition, what current marriage celebrates the Cultural Festival to open is one-stop the service exhibits an area, it is whole marriage those who celebrate the Cultural Festival " grand opera " , at the appointed time not only the ginseng of Wedding Dresses high-quality goods that has all sorts of famous brands is exhibited, still have from marriage celebrate things to wait for service of one continuous line to Wedding Dresses photography, hotel, bridal plan. 3 large category of 21 industries all-around show content, will bring to new people one-stop the acme experience that gets calm wedding easily. New people is in shopping recreational at the same time, sponsor still just arranged infinite surprise designedly, new people can be enjoyed not only " exceed low " " the most substantial " sale yielding benefit, organic still meeting is obtained ternary " marriage Qing Dali is wrapped " !

Chief expresses related the activity, current marriage celebrates the Cultural Festival to will build to reveal for relevant enterprise marriage the good platform that celebrates culture, for new people choice marriage celebrates brand and wedding to need machine parts or tools kept in reserve offers relative opportunity, drive thereby bank city marriage celebrates an industry to be changed towards diversity, vogue, personalized way develops.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From Shanghai marriage rich can see future of shadow building beautiful fiel

Wedding Dresses is illuminated, this kind of exotic is the earliest enter motherland mainland from Taiwan. Subsequently and the still whole service technological process and we want to say today shadow building that come is beautiful.

The earliest shadow building beautiful field is inn be intelligent without seeming so. In special day, door inn deck anew, open the door do business. Inside inn arrangement goes show and all sorts of shows. At the beginning when, this kind of lively form drew the attention of many clients, subsequently and those who come is large quantities of the quantity that enter a settle or live in a strange place and spot order. Accept inn be intelligent without seeming so gradually as inn of shadow building door this kind of form, beautiful field also begins to evolve, from simple using the show attracts customer order, became by special guiding member (small bee) attract a client to receive inn order through simple introduction, at that time, the beautiful field of shadow building begins to move toward maturity gradually.

As the ceaseless development of industry of Wedding Dresses photography, photography atelier also moves toward beautiful field activity gradually. But as a result of atelier this kind of form does not have door inn, so, the form of inn be intelligent without seeming so does not suit atelier to do. Such beautiful field is exhibited outside arising so. Of course, also some of shadow building is not the market of door parlor section for race to control, in other area such case is extended outside doing. Abducent form and inn be intelligent without seeming so are identical, distinction depends on only is to undertake indoors, another is to be outdoor undertake decorating developing beautiful field activity. At that time, everybody for competitive market share, begin to have various sales promotion, give the activity such as the ceremony. The shadow building beautiful field that can say this time gradually the position with held shadow building order significant. Everybody is good to do beautiful field, often the form of beautiful field of commutation of rack one's brains will attract a customer, also derive beautiful field teacher at the same time this one profession.

Beautiful field teacher, regard shadow floor show as the peddler of field culture, they popularize shadow building beautiful field countrywide each district gradually, decorate through ceaseless newer beautiful field; Bring beautiful field atmosphere into play; The beautiful field mode with outstanding study will coach a few relatively backward shadow buildings accept beautiful field this one brand-new sale means. But, as the constant change of each district beautiful field, the client begins the beautiful field activity of pair of shadow buildings to produce immunity gradually, be in namely this moment, the individual show field of shadow building gradually forward insalubrious way developed. Be in actually this moment, if we stop,think. What does shadow building make after all? Beautiful what does beautiful field want after all? What is what the client cares? Actually very simple, shadow building takes a picture, beautiful field is actual strength of shadow building oneself show, of the technical actual strength that what the client cares is shadow building and formula how much is containing Troy.

Can come back this from the marriage rich of Shanghai, feeling fine is much. The generation that meets in rich of marriage of Beijing, Shanghai actually is in namely the change of mode of beautiful field of building of adumbrative move shadow, arrive one case when conformity of client natural resources when, the attention that how draws more customer is the task that we did not need discuss, but will look with respect to present shadow building industry, the mode of shadow building beautiful field or in place footfall, still be in will handle Protean market with changeless form. The individual show field of shadow building, need a few shows for the atmosphere of the spot or sales promotion step will draw more person attention, but, discover when us, the person of the same trade is all round us when doing similar activity, what we need to prove us with what method is outstanding; Discover when us, the potential customer that we are all round us when, we need to draw the attention of more person with what method; Discover when us, when occurrence promising young person beginning all round us, will we need to with what method prove us the position inside the industry?

Hope everybody can stop to think well, future of shadow building beautiful field should with what form surrive, should draw more attention again with what means.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Walk out of management to join in 3 types of business are wrong

In recent years, as the be current that chain joins in, of shadow building industry join in chain orgnaization is in ceaseless dilate, building of Wedding Dresses shadow, children photographs, true condition joins in wait for the chain that expanding oneself at full speed to join in career. But, in this nearly mad join in in wind, also reveal the corrupt practice that gives not to be pooh-poohed of a lot of management gradually. In fact, all chain that give an issue join in, its very detailed door inn standardizes flow often impracticability, investigate its reason, majority is to be in the following the commonsensible sex that 3 respects commit a typical case is wrong:

One, try every means lets you come in, after coming in, join in with respect to exploit business.

Turn over what the majority interlinks an enterprise to join in manual, a chain of relevant charge enters order awesomely, brand use cost, technical service fee, join in administration fee, bail, project is prepared period administration fee is waited a moment, these, still be to begin only, equipment of the raw material after devoted operation, equipment, product is supplied, content shedding deserves to send etc, the clause of a lot of Xiang Yu the Conqueror on the contract can let join in business cannot help doing sth.

The basis that creates its source is: The forestall sex that supplies solely, indulgent the aggressive that interlinks an enterprise!

To administration fee, the industry goes regulation is according to join in the turnover percent of business will extract, can have some of chain company otherwise, of collection is fixed administration fee, no matter join in business is dead,be vivid, every months of a single cent or penny is not little, especially brand network of inn of big, door is enough big chain company; Join in business? Should discover major gain by upriver exploit hind, change begin boycott of cudgel one's brains for, privately to purchase, frequency of bring down replenish onr's stock, reduce service quality, the result brings about chain company brand to get harm, interest also is cheated suffer lose.

2009 end, some famous household chain sells Hua Dong area rolled out " alliance of strategy of 2011 year firm plans " , according to this one plan, the supplier should form the strategy with its affined, must 2 million yuan trade security and 800 thousand yuan promotion expend pay, so called strategy forms an alliance, no more than is an affiliation means, brand business turned his into retail field inside join in business, requirement brand manufacturer is termless enter its to distributing bazaar of many 60 in the whole nation large household, have to pay fee entering the arena, a person with a discerning eye looks to know, this enterprise was short of money to spend.

2, try every means lets you join in, after joining in, let things drift.

The glamour of chain not has allowed doubt! But, below the premise that does not have group of Wu of kimono of mode of any capital, standardization, a lot of enterprises are merely by 9 store that just opened, also consider to join in chain, it is make a laughingstock of oneself before experts really; Have more very person, give casually join in on business a few join in class, swing manual of an operation management, with respect to laissez-faire.

The meal that some just appeared on the market western interlinks an enterprise, what once joined in too with respect to experience and manage is painful. Below the setting of fast dilate, headquarters is too busy at all attend to joins in business is managed run the detail that go up, no matter be select material, feed makings, still be service, management, besides many problems, so that affected this brand the figure in consumer memory, bring about join in the strategy for a time break down.

Accordingly, normal retail chain, often want to implement system of spot go on a tour of inspection, check all detail according to standard system and flow, good chain still expedites site of customer of employee disguise oneself as to find fault, the purpose is the examination joins in of door inn run whether to accord with headquarters all regulation, although, this sounds a bit captious, but it is this kind of detail operation management reachs very significant supervisory action since ability.

3, administration fee of collection of try every means, but however free management joins in business.

Door inn manages, it is Chongzhongzhi weighs operation! Many chain companies always make principle mistake, those chain companies can be interlinked to straight battalion and join in chain distinction is treated, the government of inn of straight to oneself battalion is very elaborate, and to joining in door inn, pay close attention to operation standard and outstanding achievement result only, and never consider join in detail of door store operation, and how to rise join in the problem of door inn turnover, this makes many joining in that business dissociate runs a system at headquarters besides, affect outstanding achievement of chain company whole and figure secondhand then.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Marriage banquet uses wine all sorts of choosing, note

With what wine is marriage dinner nice? Marriage banquet uses wine to choose a strategy

What wine does marriage banquet use is talent suitable? But water of marriage banquet wine says the grand opera that going up is wedding, or how attending wedding to say is " drink wedding feast " . Have a lot of newlywed person nevertheless and banquet of not quite clear marriage uses what wine talent is suitable, below we introduce what marriage banquet uses wine technically to choose a strategy for everybody. Between marriage banquet, liquor all along is a grand opera, and the mainstream position that liquor becomes marriage banquet to use wine won't be changed. Regard the Chinese nation as precious corporeal culture bequest, liquor can say is one of the quintessence of a country. Among them, fixed position is in in the 5 grain fluid of high end of sword Na Chunhe is the most welcome brand on banquet of near future marriage.

Recommend liquor 1: Gold 6 blessing

Jin Liufu is the brand of liquor new fighting spirit that rises abruptly quickly in recent years, be in a few years short in time, occupied successfully festival " blessing " the position of culture leading sheep. Gold has much money product below 6 blessing banner, include the level such as 2 stars, SamSung, 4 stars, 5 stars, price differs to about a hundred yuan from more than 20 yuan, apply to the new people of all sorts of diverse demand extensively.

Recommend liquor 2: 5 grain fluid

If the scene of marriage banquet is very old, so the norms of feast also absolutely cannot ambiguous, high-grade liquor is indispensable. 5 grain fluid gives confessional wine house, mouthfeel is exquisite, get the recognition of a lot of new personality. It originates in 5 grain fluid distillery of town of Sichuan appropriate guest, water is taken from heart of river of die out river, grain is pure, ferment the agent is made with pure wheat " wrap Bao Qu " , fragrance is distinct. Fluid of wine of 5 grain fluid is clear and transparent, the delicious when opening bottle is protuberant, full-bodied and tangy. The lingering fragrance after drink is endless, belong to aroma wine, wine flavour is full-bodied, the color is distinctive.

Recommend liquor 3: Sword Na Chun

Over marriage banquet, many new personality chose the sword Na Chun with lucky implied meaning. As a result of the sword Nachun is savoured tall, price privilege, mouthfeel is good, in utilization rate of countrywide marriage banquet very tall, 38 degrees of sword Na Chundou with 52 degrees are maintaining good sales volume on the marriage banquet market in Xiamen. It is balmy and full-bodied, alcohol and time sweet, crystal-clear clean bright, lingering fragrance is long, originate in Sichuan to save brewery of continous bamboo county, it is one of renown alcoholic drink that our country has long history, with fast food, rice, polished glutinous rice, corn, wheat 5 kinds of cereal are raw material, be made via elaborate wine and become, belong to aroma model.

When choosing marriage banquet liquor, the habitual; that should consider new personality relative to choose liquor brand above all next, want to consider the status of marriage banquet guest, deploy; of liquor of high end of a few box alone more when necessary the 3rd, want to consider oneself economic ability, the fixed position of liquor wants to discuss well with the parent, accomplish comprehensive consideration as far as possible.

Remove traditional alcohol beyond, the red wine of more fashionable health also is accepted by more and more new personality place. As a result of its " prosperous, good fortune as one wishes " the implied meaning special the theme that agrees with wedding, because this red wine is in,the position of marriage banquet market rises ceaselessly.

On the choice of red wine, new people especially cannot careless. Should decide oneself are in above all the budget of wine water respect, go choosing appropriate red wine according to this price. Although costly red wine has on quality,assure certainly, but par red wine has right level likewise. Next, marriage banquet red wine had better choose taste relatively the brand of in a popular style, flavour the category with heavier flavour of sweet, fruit more the feeling of pleasantly sweet of joint marriage banquet.

Company of Zhang Yu brew already had history of 110 years. Grape of the anguine Long Zhu that Zhang Yu solves 100 accept to do claret to choose area of C of grapery of Yantai of source of famous brew grape, Chixia bead, use accuse lukewarm macerate advancedly, ferment craft, enter store of French oak bucket next, old wine 6 months above. This wine shows dark lapidary red, have the grapy model feature such as anguine Long Zhu, if really sweet grace of sweet, oak coordinates sweet, wine, mouthfeel alcohol and suitable slip, be full of administrative levels, the construction feels strong, the aftertaste is boundless.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Putian shoes sneakers city for being the most significant business podium for Hercynian

With additional than nine hundred businessmen positioned shoes resources, December 40, 2009, the location of Putian shoes awesome opening. Total investment of greater than 360 trillion yuan throughout Putian Area, Fujian Domain shoes essential project were only available in January 2007, protecting 300 mu, building division of 30 1, 000 square feets, set involving shoe income of clothing resources, shoe appliance, shoe screen, finished clothing screen, logistics along with distribution overall, set 1402 event, is your Hercynian the most important and nearly all versatile shoes specialized market of unprocessed trash, it is vital shoes marketing transactions, data exchange podium. Meanwhile, Putian Putian shoes clothing city have been approved with the municipal govt to carry out national local brand, "two stores, two bases" (or "China Sneakers innovation base", "Chinese sneaker export base", "Chinese shoes Sector R & Deborah center ", " Tiongkok Footwear Data Center ") throughout the" a pair of bases "of your construction operate, and shoes throughout Putian Area, the" a pair of center "reserved the application of space.

Chain lags behind the complete development involving imperfections a result of

The terminology ugg boots-Cardy Dark-colored UGGS, ugh shoes or boots and ug boots are actually used while generic terminology for ugg sheepskin shoes or boots in Questionnaire since 1950 along with 1960 Manufactured and synthetic fur boots will not have these components and sheepskin Cardy Dark-colored UGGS are generally highly prized because of their effectiveness. Cardy Dark-colored UGGS are designed to be donned without socks so as to maximize important things about sheepskin. The females ugg shoes or boots button is often a calf-height boot made out of genuine twin-face sheepskin. The top cuff for this traditional style carries a natural snuggle, making every single pair a little different along with uniquely your own house.

The Bailey Key uggs can be updated which has a wooden UGG company logo button along with elastic wedding ring closure in addition to being with most UGG Bailey Button in your Classic series, this boot incorporates a soft polyurethane foam insole coated with legitimate sheepskin and possesses a lighting and accommodating outsole suitable for refreshing convenience with every single step. I'm certainly that your particular children will certainly can't support themselves along with loved these people, roll natural thick Questionnaire merino sheep wool, pure protect stratum of young children feet while socks, flexible insole built more place for rapid growing base for while wearing! Children's straightforwardness Ugg Basic Cardy green match your princess or queen more! Decrease charge involving Discount Little one Ugg Shoes or boots online, a new bailey key kids affordable Australia offer $105, 15 dollar more affordable than person ugg bailey key boots! Dark-colored, chestnut, off white, chocolate, went up by, sand accessible in kids bailey key and basic short ugg shoes or boots kids, supple fasten key which throughout emboss using UGG company logo!

The nineties involving last one hundred year, the speedy development involving Putian sneaker industry, to 1993 if your 10th anniversary to construct the area of Putian, already has over 100 sneaker companies, once-a-year production involving over billion dollars pairs involving shoes, exports greater thousand models of species, distributed to 40 countries along with regions. Putian sneakers industry technological innovation and operations level are more mature within this period, production through the only shoes, natural leather shoes, develop to generate high, channel and minimal taste, coloring variety, remarkably merchants delightful the athletics shoes, Most notable, three-way, Lei Bao, Nike, Adidas and also other famous athletics shoes, essentially the most famous, the most famous.

However, the sneakers industry throughout China Putian state of the art was rapidly broken. Currently, 17 several years before turning out to be county-level area in Jinjiang, sneakers output price 39. 5 billion dollars in 2008, has considerably exceeded Putian, and possesses 8 country wide brands, human resources for equivalent products, brandnames and well-known logos in Tiongkok 80% in the total. If your "Anta", "special step", "361 degrees" and also other brand presented and yelled out the continent when Jinjiang, Putian virtually 200 shoe for the scale, merely "Water", "Double Chi" These state-level company. And over 20 rice, although the dimensions of Putian Sneakers widening, though the industrial structure haven't fundamentally improved, "processing" mode carry on and use right now. The big difference is that will, in earlier times Putian sneaker do OEM pertaining to foreign makes, and currently many inside neighborhood in the brand to perform OEM Jinjiang.

For years, Putian sneakers and fabric and clothe industry chain is just not perfect, to generate a larger development in the industry's difficulties. Procurement of unprocessed trash from in foreign countries, not merely labor, transport expenses are generally huge, and often in the order almost daily and fully completion. Hua Cheng Sneakers Co., Ltd. Huangshi Biao computations: the shoes, manner shoes, laid-back shoes, necklaces common sunflower, by way of example, Putian shoe purchase from Dongguan, Guangdong, sunflowers 1 yuan every single; if a nearby order, providing 0. only two yuan.

Inside new one hundred year, Putian enliven the "shoe city" Treasures in the calls proceed, government sectors make wonderful efforts to compliment the sneaker business growth. "Water" hockey shoes, your "double Chi" basketball shoes, "Luo Chi" mountaineering shoes, "Season of" laid-back shoes, plus the rapid expansion of brand-new forces, domestic along with international market place impact is constantly on the increase. Throughout 2008, Putian Area, was honored the "Chinese sneaker export starting, " your title one time, Putian City has focused for the shoe size of greater than 20 firms support a new unified product labeled as "Chinese sneaker export starting, " sales in the company company logo, "Chinese sneakers export base", "Putian okay brand" and also other signs to the operation involving domestic oneness, and try to 3 several years, the income network in the whole land.

The amount of shoe Putian expanding, but until eventually 2006, the local will not have a significant shoe market to compliment the specialized development involving shoe-making sector, many firms only attended Wenzhou, Jinjiang to acquire. To use it bluntly, that may be, the organic material throughout Putian dependable money would have handed onto someone in addition.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zun Xiaoqing is about to encircle boss marriage with recreation

the teleplay that in news integrated channel broadcasts " big craftsman " viewing rate all the time be among the best of candidates, the main actor Sun Gonglei of this drama and Chen Xiaoyi met yesterday. The Sun Gonglei that disappeared for some time is examined minutely by media the red with Zun Xiaoqing is heard this again, to cast aside the relation of two people clear, he explodes makings say Zun Xiaoqing will be mixed very quickly a recreation encircles boss marriage; Hear as to the red with Gong Li, he states two people are the good friend like the family member only.

Zun Xiaoqing is about to marry bridegroom is not me

The news briefing yesterday, just began medium talking about teleplay with Sun Gonglei all the time, sun Gonglei also speaks with fervor and assurance. The radio receiving set that sees Sun Gonglei was opened completely, the red that media begins to examine minutely he and a Zun Xiaoqing again is heard. Sungong Lei Xianran is well-prepared nevertheless, he emphasizes two people first is a good friend, what that media pats is the photograph that Zun Xiaoqing goes to his home to have a meal. Concern to let media believe they are good friends really more, sun Gonglei explodes more actively makings say Zun Xiaoqing is about to marry recently, nevertheless bridegroom is not him, however half coterie, basically do movie and TV to invest. Be asked about specific who be, sun Gonglei says this is the secret of others, oneself cannot reply for you.

He still expresses for fun subsequently early know to be able to come out together with Zun Xiaoqing red is heard, oneself did not ask her to have a meal. Pass red to hear the friendship that won't affect them nevertheless, sun Gonglei states next two people can cooperate take sport. The play finds two people recently, let him perform Pu Yi, zun Xiaoqing performs empress, nevertheless Sun Gonglei does not have time, be forced excuse oneself from invites.

Expose to the sun to dated last year oneself failure

See the good friend prepares to get married, sun Gonglei also begins to consider his important event. He the mood is auspicious yesterday explodes him makings already 37 years old, before paragraph time cannot avoid common ground to begin to date. "Be in probably last year second half of the year when, below the introduction of elder brother and kin, I once dated with several girls. They are doctoral students advanced perhaps white-collar, date every time nevertheless come down, I feel to do not have any feelings, everybody chats without too much topic. " investigate its reason, sun Gonglei feels or oneself star aureola lets a girl feel nervous, talk factitious, so he plaints oneself find the goddess in memory very hard.

Look for an alien consolidate Li to do not have play only

Ask about why is He Gongli impossible? Sun Gonglei expresses him choose idol standard is an alien, and should have tall record of formal schooling, so He Gongli just resembles the good friend like the family member. Sun Gonglei divulges He Gongli often is contacted, two people often talk about the Eight Diagrams. The Sun Gonglei before this is patted secretly be together with Zun Xiaoqing, gong Li calls him to note figure, and Sun Gonglei is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, call Gong Li not to want conversely too open, "You still heat up a kiss in Tian An Men and foreigner! " media explodes makings consolidate Li often is hit to keep green " disappear knits a needle " , sun Gonglei was Gong Li to make yesterday as the good friend clear, he shows the understanding according to him, gong Li won't do such thing. Gong Li looks still green, because she does not have trouble,basically be, live very purely.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Younger brother of sister of Chen Songling Zhang Duo loves the age to differ 12 years old

Chen Songling is loved on inland is small unripe Zhang Duo

Chen Songling is loved on inland is small unripe Zhang Duo

Cai Shaofen of female star of afterwards Hong Kong and small oneself inland of two years oldKongfuAfter small unripe Zhang Jin accomplishs a paragraph of perfect the fate brings lovers together, good friend Chen Songling of Cai Shaofen also acquiesced on Shanghai a few days ago with small she outback male Xing Zhangduo of 12 years old is in love. Zhang Duo is the love that Zhao Baogang promotes single-handed will. Chen Songling and Zhang Duo were last year will film in Shanghai in May teleplay " blood is not cold " when brush scintilla giving love. Zhang Duo is inInterviewPair of Chen Songling evade none in love: "She is very kind-hearted, very be intelligent without seeming so, have talent very much. " Chen Songling also praises each other: "Zhang Duo is very filial very visit the home. " should ask about Chen Songling why to know Zhang Duo to visit the home, when whether seeing person of Home Zhang Duo, chen SonglingBlurt out"Had seen " .

Yan Chengxu is exposed to the sun to have the fate brings lovers together hard Ling thinks liberal Yu Linzhi well love

Yan Chengxu (AEG of hair of China News Service is photographed) Article of good friend Hou chants Yan Chengxu to was in a few days ago Taiwan program " Shen Chunhua Lifeshow " explode expect Yan Chengxu has do not send the letter that give, be unscrambled to be by the outside write Lin Zhiling, yesterday says Hou Wenyong: "Yan Chengxu thinks too much, the identity of big star can make him very difficult marry! The identity of big star can make him very difficult marry!!

Taiwan " malic daily " message, mention answer on Yan Chengxu talk do not send the letter that give, hou Wenyong says: "At present I tell the section him on, he was decided to death! Know anyway scarcely, he also does not know I can speak the thing of the letter, actually I persuade him to face medium constantly, if give off partial fact, open wide atrium, face oneself, fasten a talent won't screwy you, he listens went in. He listens went in..

Dan Houwen chants also speak bluntly: "Nevertheless I think he married very hard at present, he wants to follow average person identical, the pattern that reflects him himself talks about love well, when after rate of each other understanding is same, just can be on marriage this road, he is big star, do you want to be accomplished how possibly? But he compromises impossibly again, how do you think he wants to written guarantee? In that way mode is normal person those who do, be the staff member follows actor beside him. "

Friday, April 15, 2011

Why marriage lets us send loneliness more

Some is famous the website is in a few big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, the female netizen that starts 25 years old of above speaks you " most the desire of common of Jing world be astonished " speak " inmost sound " participate in discussion female netizen 74% married, and in the group that there is stable marriage in these, 57% openness are in some phase of marriage, special longing once " only beautiful affair " , 24.5% what the number of yearning one-night standing also occupies married female netizen, this one scale almost with as good as of maiden female netizen. Be in charge of investigating this after seeking a lady to get this one very surprising data, say: Perhaps we have such longing on our wedding, marry what can solve the heart is empty with loneliness, married to be met with respect to or else doleful; But fact is as it happens contrary perhaps?

Dug of worth while perhaps and numerous married woman and soul-searching question are, why to marry very doleful still? This one issue should is in charge of by the man? If the man is far,realizing this is a big question, how ought to we do?

Will listen to married housewife people the acerbest discovery.

Discover A: His acceptance is moving crammer, actually he is not willing to change whit for me.

Hold the woman of this kind of viewpoint, marriage is in commonly " N year urticant " in condition, of the marriage of modern urticant have 3 years period, 5 years period, 7 years period with 11 years period say, (Very unfortunate, it is to marry the odd a particular year of anniversary, quite one part is odd a particular year is Gao Wei period, and even a particular year enters cooperative period) , from go up at all say, the marriage of modern is lying in the urticant predicament that itchs early longly again, 3 years, it is newly-married listless period; 5 years, it is to bear conflict period; 7 years, after bearing listless period; 11 years, complete suspicion period... say good word, the female of this one phase still arrives without love enough much encourage, meeting those who let their bear in mind constantly is, the oath before how many marriage went back on his word after man marriage, "Actually he is not willing to change whit for me " blame backside, be " he does not love me " the conclusion that such corrode bone injuries conceive.

Raise this kind of suspicion again when Zhang Yifei, her husband is enraged eventually, his ask in reply says: "Are you me to change whit? " Zhang Yifei lifted a lot of example to prove she already made tremendous sacrifice: She wants to do Ding Ke, and his whole family likes the child, then she gave birth to a son; She assumed the numerous chore that need not assume before marriage, include to wax to the floor reach plant on the lawn before the building tree, she is in charge of attending the relatives and friends that he comes, the husband of one's maternal aunt that includes to entertain him to demand medical service into Beijing lived in two months in them... " you do not make my approach these changes, " Zhang Yifei husband is elenctic say, wanting the child is yourself's maternity had arousal after 32 years old, think the life that has the child just is whole life; Because your itself is a completist,assuming chore is, any baby-sitter does housework, you think to be inferior to you considerate; The relatives and friends of come-and-go can live in originally leave home in not far hostel, but you think to come so, this expenditure is necessary come by us burden... Yi Fei can'ts help laughing, how does husband start to talk refute, became her to did not manage?

And above these " inequitable " , once tossed about in her heart how long, make her feel indignant, hold loneliness concurrently to not have according to. How does he start to talk think this is some of minor details? Yi Fei's husband asks then, "You criticise I do not wish to make sacrifice and change, say a bit more specific, do I want to know where you are opposite after all am I dissatisfactory? " Yi Fei within an inch of blurts out: "Do this still need me to talk? You is a bit self-knowledge done not have? " since be a dialog,think of nevertheless, must give patience, point out one by one come: Husband morning makes love not to agree bath; Eating potato together with the son on sofa piece hind, do not clean potato piece drossy; Him husband is not every day shampoo however 3 talents are washed, she has said for many times to him, she is fed up with the hair oil breath on the pillow that join system, still he forgot to hand in a mobile phone to expend on time time and again, is the mobile phone that brings about her stopped in the moment of truth machine... " be these problems? Which is materiality issue? Be cannot of Rao Shu? " how does she say to discover ant on sofa to him, and is the mobile phone is stopped a thing that makes a person rusty more? He comes instead blame she: If these bagatelle, you let me change euqally euqally, I wish to accept supervise. Pretty good, the birth of a good man, need side of feminine patience ground to teach, teach with respect to patient like growing need of the child side.

The man's essence is not self-conscious, this and child are not had different; The formation of all his self-conscious behavior, need wife gives enough patience, is not empty duty.

The female's code of conduct is: Habitual general " whether my consider is on detail " , enlarge is become " love does not love me " , and man not so think, he thinks " want the moment of truth and you to be together only, this loves namely " . The vast difference on means of this kind of thinking, also be to bring about a female to think " marriage does not have interest " , "Marital interior is very doleful also " one of main factors.

The analysis holds advice concurrently: You can change him, if you have enough determination and patience! The change needs the target of authentic, the man's memory is bad, do not try to change several kinds of his habits at the same time. Come euqally euqally, a kind when spend 3 months on average to change him " bad habit " , it is more reliable course of action. The as far as possible to him effort in the course that changing namely additionally does his utmost to praise, should do to know " appreciate is taught " clever wife. Jewel: 6 of happy marriage " patch "

Discover B: Make love, but the spirit with real lack blends

Look in the man, the communication between husband and wife should be everything " all be in not call the turn " , if make all sorts of skill take you into the climax,they feel, had surpassed thousands of words, carnal tacit understanding can arrive at the heart naturally. They often recount the bend course in the office on the bed to the woman, recount the difficulty that wife and mother, sisters-in-law concerns, in recounting lubricious to some affection film " betray with crammer " thematic view, the next in recounting marriage even " Five-Year Plan " should achieve what kind of goal, the man is met times feeling is amazed, he can feel inadequate rather investment mixes the woman absorption, "Why is her meeting of one mind amphibious? " " cannot my effort still make she forgets all this worldly trouble? "

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Warbler of Sun Peng surname resumes marriage to dispatch for bridal chamber the army that block wine

Bridal chamber spends candle night, chun Xiao is worth a thousand pieces of gold momently. Yesterday (on July 9) late, taiwan actor Sun Peng, Di Ying marries 2 degrees, two people reach consensus " tonight must bridal chamber " , di Ying laugh says, cannot drink too much wine absolutely tonight, answer on marry even if drank too much wine, not " bridal chamber " , so ability can divorce, this time she asked a lot of sister to help block wine, sun Peng also says: "I had promised mother-in-law, this is less important ' clear ' marry wife come home. " the unit blocking wine that so he asks fellow student of Guo Guangyi school to hold the position of him.

Good friend of marriage of Wang Weizhong card all shows up

Divorced 2003, compound 2005, sun Peng and surname warbler yesterday hold marriage dinner 2 degrees in Taipei, they invite Huang Jia 1000, the person such as Tuo Zongkang is held the position of entertain, wang Weizhong holds the position of chief witness at a wedding ceremony, happy post sends many pieces 500 in all, two people the good friend such as Wu Zongxian of many good friend, Qu Zhongheng all shows up.

Affection of warbler of Sun Peng surname history watch.

Insecurity gets up to insomnia see a ball

This a lot of good friends wish marriage banquet two people are born early expensive child, to second birth, di Ying is pointing to taking photographyThe son that reporter camera films beside says: "You see him so skin, I dare second birth? " Sun Peng says, because ask 6 desk family member only,answer on, compared with this relaxed of course a lot of, insomnia arrives because of insecurity late before, climb to see a ball then. Case gift part, sun Peng plan is entire the educational foundation as son Sun Hua, he laughs say: "Without him, how can we have today. How can we have today..

Take intention pocket money seriously not to have upper limit

Sun Peng expresses, he includes all property under one's name praedial give entirely Di Ying is handled, it is good that he gets pocket money every months, "We manage each fund each previously, but I discover her very meeting conduct financial transactions, give so her. " Di Ying expresses, she most a heart that those who care is Sun Peng is had complete put on her body, money is next, she can not have the pocket money of upper limit to him after, "Have second he is malty say to me, I love wife very much you, do not know even my Mom to I love you so. " true character of this wine hind, made Di Ying sweet arrive in the heart.

Marriage gauze 300 thousand profess old princess

Sun Peng expresses, one desk 27000 yuan famished look, before wanting namely, fail to play two people first time the good friend of marriage banquet eats well. Yesterday in Jun Yue restaurant 3 building banquet drives customer of 45 desks dinner, di Ying wears a value 300 thousand yuan contemporaryPrincess type white gauze, she laughs say oneself are old princess, of honeymouthed of Sun Peng criterion say: "You are the forever Bai Xue's princess in my memory! "You are the forever Bai Xue's princess in my memory!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Treasure Lai a depressed place is the most luxurious and bridal can compares Diane

Indian wedding ostentation and extravagance costly

India " Pete and Zhu Li " marry, 10 days of 5000 people play last a period of time

Treasure Lai a depressed place will be held history on the royalest wedding

The traditional and bridal element of Indian style is mixed with ostentation and extravagance costly and celebrated, especially the marriage of plute distinguished personages is in charge of,

Before long in the future, the luxurious and bridal record on Indian contemporary history will by refresh, a pair this leading role is a depressed place of Gong Toubao Lai " Jin Tongyu female " , predict to will 5000 much people attend wedding.

Number one female star is married male star of a gleam of

According to the report, this wedding will be held inside a month, the bride is colourful light 4 ejaculation treasure Lai a fortified building number one female star, Aixiwaya Lei of 33 years old; The male star of a gleam of that bridegroom is treasure Lai a depressed place, Abusheke Ba of 31 years old is strong, his father is the Bao Lai that is famous in an Asia Amida Ba of star of legend of a depressed place is strong. According to estimation, will have at the appointed time numerous perform celebrity of art bound, business circles to show up witness this to a fortified building to Bao Lai " Bulade Pete and Anjilina Zhuli " , guest list has exceeded 5000 people.

Resemble Charles and the wedding that wear An Na

It is reported, wedding mixes a when be in Bombay suburb private a person of extraordinary powers curtilage a palace of state holds Lajisitan, around lasts 10 days or so. Columnist of the Eight Diagrams of treasure Lai a depressed place hopes high to say: "To the Indian of world each district, this wedding resembles British Charles prince and the century wedding of Princess Diane. " A of wealthy to the India that at present media is frying in heat businessman the wedding of He Li of white · of Li Sha of Yi of female star of Na Yaer of human relations · and England, gao Xi thinks that is essential cannot place on a par with Abusheke and Aixiwaya's wedding, because they just are the giant stars in Indian memory, their bridal ability is the whole nation is fixed eyes upon.

Gao Xi writes: "This wedding is opposite for a lot of Indians as fairy tale. Our take delight in talking about as fortified building at Bao Lai throughout history dimensions the guest list with the biggest, the brightest starlight. This ever acted a couple in the film to the lover, made movie of a draw large audiences, and this just begins. As marital by-product, they will achieve the earnings of 100 million dollar. They will achieve the earnings of 100 million dollar..

The bride ever was world young lady

Aixiwaya held in south Africa 1994 " world young lady " the with one action in the contest that choose the United States seizes chief, walk up subsequently act art road, win performance award for many times, ever sufferred invite held the position of the France 2003 " knock gently accept film festival " commissioner, also be commissioner of the first international film festival, and by England " HELLO " the magazine is judged for " the world's most attractive woman " , selected still " character " the magazine chooses " the world's most beautiful 100 people " . The Lubingbu of Dan Aixi made of baked clay Ya and Abusheke's red carpet is even. Because Indian marriage values two people " character 8 " whether to match, of Aixiwaya " character 8 " be thought the likelihood brings adversity to the husband however. According to Indian tradition, if want disappear calamity to see disaster, the woman needs normally first with Hinduism 3 big advocate one of gods adjoin wet slave or tree of a banana hold a symbolistic wedding. Aixiwaya whether comply with this one tradition still is not clear about. Kang Juan

In recent years, ground of do sth on a large scale of plute of descendants of a few Euramerican India is held for his children do wedding, world of become famous of your India wedding. Er of tower of rice of magnate of Indian iron and steel opened up 2004 endowment the wedding that 60 million dollar holds for the daughter is the wedding with 21 the most luxurious centuries. In April 2006, chatewaer is in the magnate of Indian descendants restaurant that comes from American new York respectively the 3 ground in Bombay, Wu Daipu Er and new moral character are held for its son did to gather together the wedding of world distinguished personages.

Ostentation and extravagance is big

The person that attends wedding is more, glorious is jumped over on master face. Wedding is the opportunity that reveals fortune. Traditional Indian wedding is exquisite and various, ostentation and extravagance is royal. According to the tradition, should check before wedding character 8 and should have be engaged ceremony, true wedding is to be held in the late evening. That day afternoon, bridegroom will be full-dress reach bridal home, bridal all ceremonies are held by bridal home do. In the past, indian wedding can last 34 days longer even.

The ceremony is much

The Indian wedding of big city can choose to be in villa has the hall that has broad place, hotel or country. Gauze pole uses up bridal marriage luxuriant, rich other people can not hesitate cost ground is enchased on of all kinds is lapidary, there can be embroidery of golden line silver-colored line on the dress of bridegroom. After bridegroom home serves a gift for the bride, the most trival one part on wedding began. Sacred meeting teachs bridegroom bride to be the path of Fu for the husband at the same time, send all sorts of different things such as rice, candy to bridegroom bride hand at the same time, throw a before by new personality " holy fire " in. The both hands of bride and bridegroom still can use lacy be linked together, one before one back wall is circled " holy fire " turn circle. Later, bridegroom can draw India in frontal heart for the bride the important sign of married woman -- , vermilion mole. Whole ceremony counts a hour continuously even sometimes.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The son's wife of Annam is really beautiful

Annam and Swedish wife are graceful Nei Anna spans to love phyleticly to make U.N. mind the most perfect reflect and explain.

The wife that introduces Annam simply.

Of Annam allow the wife is Suo Niya of a Nigeria woman. But, 2 people divorced after Annam attune works to U.N. , because,the reason occupies a story is Annam too devote works. Annam and Ya of all alone Ni have a daughter.

Graceful Nei Lageergelun is the 2nd wife of Annam, swedish book. She was born in the Stockholm 1944. · of Er of accept of father a surname pulls Geergelun is an expert of famous law of nations. What she learns when the university is law, in one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household front courtyard holds the post of assistant judge after graduation. Because graceful inside eye of fair green jade, the figure is carried high, having Yinggeli · honours graceful like fine-looking, be called so " white snow princess " . She ever also had had unsuccessful marriage, the daughter Nina of only is brought up by her.

You look, the experience of this two people still has a lot of similar place.

Graceful later inside also work to U.N. , fell in love with Annam gradually. And Annam was fallen in love with early also actually graceful inside, because had sufferred an injury,be only, some are hesitant. (the person that everybody has gotten an injury, have the same feeling with Annam)

1994, wedding was held inside Annam He Na. After this, graceful inside make with respect to abdication housewife.

This " world first-lady " once expressed deep to the husband love so: "I want to divide my into really two half, the half becomes a wall, let him have more support, and other in part stays in cathedral, the health that is him day and night prays. The health that is him day and night prays..

Touching, hum, bless everybody to be able to find to resemble graceful inside such good son's wife ah.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Li that pass Zhu marries quite big abdomen beach of Namibia of make choice of of leather spy wedding

Sina recreation dispatch is Li of Zhu of An Jili graceful · to a many months are being held out pregnant must run to African Namibia to go vacationing however in people when feeling strange, latest news says, original Zhu Li is to want to giving birth to antenatal and Pete to hold wedding, and the place chooses the beach in Namibia to go up.

These days, zhu Li and the staff member that Pete includes the hotel below are in outside hotel door exclusive an immense shelf is worn on beach, undertake keep out with cloth next, see the setting inside in order to prevent the outside, additional the bodyguard of Zhu Li people also be be ready in take action the metropolis such as the person of without fixed duties that any wanting that enter that beach is driven go out, this more let people to inside what doing to feel curious after all.   

And, li of these two days of Zhu and Pete return patronage a few special help new personality of local run bridal company. The inland add that estimation also can be in their relative a few days flies to Namibia.   

A message personage says: "The little brother Doug that we hear of Pete is being driven toward Namibia, a few family of Zhu Li also are on the road, before everybody is guessing whether Zhu Li wants to be born in the child really, marry Pete. If they think really,give the child a true home, then they must marry first, the rest of time is not much. The rest of time is not much..

In this year, concerned Pete thinks breakfast marry but the information that Zhu Li is not eager to marrying a person however is very much, if this Zhu Li is determined to be person Fu really, then Piteken is about surely Le Feng.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thalassic polygamous family explores betrothal gift is difficult accept

3 wives cook by turns, be in harmony of its Le Rong earns money desperately to marry wife, betrothal gifts is too expensive. Although be in thalassic country is polygamous it is lawful, dan Yifu one wife ability is a society the mainstream

On March 20, the Zhu Chen of Chinese female chess player that is troubled by bubbling with noisely for a time " turn meeting incident " solve satisfactorily in Hangzhou. On the press conference that day, zhu Chen chokes with sobs the ground states he is " pure China is made " , turning can be too persistent to love. In the meantime, she also laughs at character, "Allow there polygamous, if he marries 4 wife, I come back. "

Qatar husband Mohammed of Zhu Chen is very fond of to Zhu Chen have add, and in Qatar, polygamous family is occupied only very one of scale. Everybody is natural can need not be " after belle chess " the destiny is afraid. Nevertheless, this fun word of Zhu Chen causes everybody however the interest of mysterious to thalassic country polygamous phenomenon.

Thalassic polygamous family explores betrothal gift is difficult accept

The Xiaozhao that comes to Bahrain for the first time understands thalassic country not much, he discovers amazedly, go on the ave to often can see such circumstance: The woman that a middleaged man is getting 3 two unconscious black gauze shops shop, still follow 78 children after one's death. Xiaozhao says, they look resembling is a family, can what relation is? Classics person shows him later just suddenly be enlightened, so they are madams of a few rooms. In thalassic country, it is to allow polygamous. To contemporary Chinese, this kind of case appears very mysterious, interesting. People nature wants to understand: A few ladies does this husband treat? How to get along again between madams? This still resembles really is the veil that Arabia woman wears, be full of mystery colour

3 wives live together one curtilage

Er of Sa of cost of moxa cloth · is Beidouyin the person's descendant, he lives in Saudi Arabia auspicious to amount to city northeast suburbs in a little village outside 20 kilometers. Should his enthusiastic photograph is invited, the author visited his home.

This is a newly-built house. The courtyard is very small, walk along a few paces to be crossed only into the gate into a big one-storey house. Abduct of the person that moxa cloth · expends Sa Er to getting a pen took the coffee office on the right side of, sit down in the on the ground on carpet together. Not a little while, host carried the Arabia coffee of sterling faint scent. Feisaer tells moxa cloth · the author, he married 3 wives, wife people gave birth to 5 daughters and 6 sons to him. Big daughter this year 23 years old, be moved in the city to go after marriage.

Had drunk coffee, moxa cloth · expends Sa Er to took us to visit his home: A hall is on the right side of coffee hall, kitchen and 3 bedrooms are on the side of the hall. 3 wives of Ai Bu each a bedroom, every bedroom contains toilet.

Moxa cloth · expends Sa Er to still took the author to visit his small grazing land. Che Gang stops, the camel of far toward us slowly go, resembling is the guest that will welcome to come from afar. Feisaer says moxa cloth · , grass shares 10 camels and 100 sheep, they divide 3 wives that belong to him and himself him. Every camel and sheep have apparent number on the body, who is making clear host. The author approachs scrutiny, go up in camel and ovine body as expected mark has all sorts of sign: 3, have semicircular, also have horse's hoof look.

Feisaer tells moxa cloth · the author: Weekly, he lives on two days in the house of every wife by turns. On Sunday, he arrives oneself desert small grazing land is resided alone. Ai Bujiao says be proudingly to the author, 3 his wives get along very harmoniously, cook by turns, partake household thing, be in harmony of its Le Rong. When leisure, he is met and 3 wives are taking children to arrive together field or seaside amuse oneself.

Ai Bu is right wife people very fair also. Once, he accompanies the author to ramble when bazaar, the silk bedcover that bought 3 same quality of a material incidentally and 3 headgear with same price. These are he buys a wife people gift, every wife.

In moxa cloth · Feisaer looks, the camel sheep of numerous wife room children and group is him fortune and position is indicative. Nevertheless, the author never has witnessed moxa cloth · to expend Sa Er the fragrant look of 3 charming wife. Because be used to according to the tradition of the Arab, the wife cannot see with the man besides directly-related members of one's family -parents casually.

Very difficult end makes the same score a bowl of water

Not be every Arabia man wants to marry many wife.

The Mohammed · A Damu that comes from Sudan is the author's friend. His one's early years comes China study abroad, learned 12 years in Beijing language institute and Tsinghua university. After finish school, via person introduction, he knew a the Hui nationality female vocal actor. Two people see admire, be fond of knot happy match before long. But before get married, the woman gives Mohammed agree on a three-point law: One, the woman's citizenship is changeless; 2, have in parents unripe year, the woman does not go Sudan is resident; 3, to " the Koran " pledge, marry her only one person is wife, forbid other form new sweetheart. Mohammed · A Damu stands fast to be not carried on the back to these 3 all the time. such, two people lived 18 years in Beijing all the time. Now, children are big, entered Sudan native place completely. Big daughter is 17 years old, attended a college, two sons read in the middle school.

The author asks Mohammed, one husband one wife good, or are 4 wife good? Mohammed answers: "Polygamous too tired! 4 wife go, one pile child wants keep an eye on, accomplish very hard really comprehensive. Besides, very difficult end makes the same score a bowl of water, want true equality treats every wife, also be by no means an easy thing. "

Thalassic polygamous family explores betrothal gift is difficult accept

Earn money desperately marry wife

The author ever encountered a driver when Bahrain, he had married 3 wife, still prepare to marry the 4th. But his money is insufficient, earn money desperately then; Besides drive, he returns a part-time job to work. To marry before 3 wife, he had spent 40 thousand much dollar, marry to must spend on 10 thousand dollars again again now. And drive every months, he can earn 500 much dollars only. Look, want save money enough after this money gets 5 years.

To Arabia youth, marry the nothing is more... than of the biggest difficult problem that place should be faced with pays betrothal gift. Normally for, betrothal gift should include face of headgear, rice, camel and sheep to wait. And, because formal wedding is held in advanced restaurant mostly,do, nature of exalted bridal ceremony charge is essential also. In addition, marry to still need to buy a house, acquire furniture electric equipment. So calculate come down, marry expense is little criterion 3, 40 thousand dollar, many 8, 90 thousand dollar. Accordingly, youth of quite a few can look only " marriage " promote sigh, many people must seek two jobs, live frugally. The country such as a few Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan the youth often applies for a job to thalassic country, struggle, farewell country marries.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strong Buddhist nun - the isle that wear general holds bridal Xi En - Pan marriage red light already removed

The wedding of strong Buddhist nun and every Ni Sha already was planning medium

Hollywood male strong Buddhist nun - Dai Pu will pat the Sha of Fanni of French singer cummer that procrastinates 10 years at will be being married on June 14 - Paladisi (Vanessa Paradis

" Caribbean pilfer

Patting at Chicago new piece " Public Enemies " strong Buddhist nun, the plan will hold small-sized and low-key wedding with Fan Nisha on June 14, the child of two people feels special excitement to this. Although early before Ceng Cheng passes two people to marry in France of purpose, but to go to the lavatory family attends wedding, wedding will be held at the Tybee isle of Georgia, and invitation also is met begin to distribute after several weeks. Honour Buddhist nun ever married with makeup girl Lori Anne Allison 1983, divorce after 3 years.

Hollywood across compartment also transmits a good news, singer Ai Xili - Xinpusen (Ashlee Simpson

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shen Lihui- Man actually most be afraid of marry mad

Record figure: Shen Lihui 36 years old of sober band advocate sing, general manager of company of fashionable sky record

Shen Lihui is done not have bright say, but " mother-in-law Yours Excellency " it is a very good frame of reference really, he is the certain appearance after seeing this girlfriend 20 years certainly on her body, so, he is right marry this thing back out...

Shen Lihui the manner to marriage is stay at a respectful distance from sb, this kind of manner is formed clearly at 3 years two before, and in earlier he showed to had undertaken before " sprint " the marriage of level, had had countless times " abortion " at " next year " marry. He can have compared calmingly look upon now this problem -- marriage, "See the friend that married beside me, also do not feel to compare my live well. Be fear of do not talk to go up, just do not want to disturb another the individual's world, have such bit of feeling. Have such bit of feeling..

At the same time he declares again: I say this now likelihood very via removing deliberate, perhaps you call to me next month, I had married. This man, be willing to hold ground of firmly of schedule of marriage of that Zhang Jie in him hand.

   Without the plan escape marriage

Regard famous art as boss of sky of youth, fashionable, sober band advocate sing, once him marry the thing that regards a special make use of an opportunity to do sth as. Talked 56 years with girlfriend love, feeling is very stable, each other had seen bilateral parents, bilateral finally parents also each other had seen, then, begin to prepare wedding without any meaning other places.

Be in distance marriage 3 two months when, he chose to escape marriage, quarrel because of. "Actually, should not be in that way terminal, it is my fault. " Shen Lihui answers recall past, ground of deep feeling having silk says.

Because decorating a building,at that time is, it is a girlfriend completely after before running, running. At first she is daily sex ground only complain, the thing that decorate he a bit without giving thought to, simply company... it is the tiff between sweethearts nevertheless originally, unfortunate is, his very not courteous answer falls into ear of prospective mother-in-law adult, raise an a mighty uproar immediately.

The mother-in-law adult that the Shen Lihui scale that youthful vital energy contains does not have ground of a look of fear and future quarrelled greatly one, both sides parts on bad terms, marriage also is laid aside.

"If there are us only at that time two, also won't how. Although I reply that really so not courteous, her mom is urgent, feel my daughter can follow you probably? This thing wants to reconsider. Actually the business grows this pace, also not be not OK make up for, I also can go offer a humble apology of what. But I was not done so. But I was not done so..

A detail easily and beat him thoroughly. Shen Lihui discovers his understanding has deviation: Oneself are far still the level that did not reach OK marriage and state.

The Shen Lihui that before the fact him discovery still needs to grow is opposite originally oneself are a bit acedia, and the firm demand in cummer and press under, he begins a manner strong. Should be faced so, harm once so close person, him Shen Lihui in the heart very afflictive also, but must do so however. He is 28 that year years old.

Shine to be not dropped hit 110

"Time can solve all problems, acedia, mood is temporary. She also married now, pass well also. " he is being taken rejoice triflingly. Shen Lihui is avowed it is a taller to marital requirement person, he says he is not to fear liability, however because mix,a person marries, mean you to want to enter that her family.

This escape marriage incident did not leave too much shadow in his heart, after this he continues love, love continues to had thought of marriage after stability, but be unavoidable to hesitate, because " do not know oneself want such life " , "Marry can produce a lot of problems, if do not marry, your problem will be little half " , he begins to believe such love philosophy. If cummer puts forward to marry, he adopts protracted policy.

"I can say commonly, next year. " but before next year, total meeting encounters all sorts of situations. "Next year is too distant to me, I give myself a time. But failed. But failed..

"When also I need safe sense, I am very frail, special those who mean a family, did not succeed anyway. " his love is not to talk 3 days two to calculate, have 9 years the least. However, did not talk about marriage talking to marry namely.

Do not contact deep with girls, also the girl wants to break through his line of defence. "Hiding method has a lot of, for instance I do not answer hair short message, I also do not receive the telephone call. " if these methods hide,do not drop, he says, I am quite busy. "I won't say directly, I do not like you. I feel in that way not quite good. " face press, he always can shine.

"Still have the sort of actually you follow her and do not have how girl, with suicidal coercion, I am hit 110. " want, he himself also feels comical.

"If want to talk about love again,I am about to marry, I do not talk about otherwise. " Shen Lihui respecting is the following the tone is a bit very. He feels to after marrying, be about to live completely different life: Play together with everybody previously ah, be troubled by, bubble bar, ramble nocturnal inn, but differ after marriage. I am very traditional to marital view, if marry,I can live in quiet suburb, come off work on time everyday, have two children, be together with family on the weekend. "I can choose in that way life after marriage certainly, absolutely won't amphibolous. Absolutely won't amphibolous..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reporter marriage stars Zhao Yingkui of congratulate Korea reporter marries

Korea is famous reporter Zhao Yingkui and small Shen Caien's wedding was in bride of 11 years old at 7 o'clock 22 days afternoon Ou Mou guesthouse holds an Er Changjiang Delta.

Zhao Yingkui and Shen Caien will pass a singer in April last year virtuous kind and gentle the introduction is acquainted, develop for the lover. Bridal Shen Caien is the controller of a shopping website, in Korea at present Yan Shida learns to assiduously study master's degree, had had the pregnancy of 6 months when marry.

Shen Caien of Zhao flower Kui - 02

Shen Caien of Zhao flower Kui is bridal

Because bridegroom Zhao Ying Kui performs art circle to have extensive person arteries and veins in Korea, because gathered on the wedding this yesterday,many near 1000 perform art bound relevant personage, there is no lack of among them river wisdom encloseds ground for growing trees, zheng Junhao, the Korea such as Piao Chongxun top class star. Yesterday evening wedding is held the position of by Li Xiucheng of prime minister of the state before Korea, held the position of compere by Jun Hao of film actor Zheng.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Piece Yue will be married in October before house marriage busy reduce weight

Piece Yue will be married in October Yang Zhe of Yang Xiaohua's son installs legislative bureau assemblyman, become a bride to should put on marriage gauze with the most beautiful attitude originally, because,accurate nevertheless bride professes too too happy, and cruel fertilizer 20 pounds, she what make former itself material gaunt, real time is become " fat buttock " a member!

Piece Yue will follow in October pat the Yang Zhe that procrastinates more than two years how to written guarantee in all manage repeatedly, piece after Yue faded out of recreation to encircle for male friend 2006, everything manages with low-key place, the marriage even this is not exceptional also, early before piece when Yue divulges male friend is travelling, used 3 carat on snow mountain be engaged get Buddhist monastic discipline to propose, move successfully piece of Yue. piece of Yue more because marry be related is happy to by 90 jins cruel litre reach 110 jins, weighed 20 jins fully. A few days ago, piece of Yue of a suit sportswear with prospective husband, qi Qi walks along football of horse race ground to be able to do exercise, one alignment new personality is quite sweet close, be all smiles, often shoulder to shoulder hand pulls a hand.

Piece Yue and fiance go together fitness
Encounter a friend to greet sb
Piece Yue from 90 jins fat to 110 jins

But too may happy relation, piece Yue puts on tight motion pants, wore unlined upper garment of a chief body to use cover painstakingly however her " fat buttock " , look her favour is close, fit and happy still gain a pound many! Look she busies to can become beautiful new a form of address for one's wife cultivate one's morality reducing weight.

Go when 2 people attend a meeting inside place, encounter a friend, everybody greeted a few, wave principle is fastened, then sets out go doing exercise, whole journey 2 people 10 point to buckle closely, admire really evil spirit other people!

Piece Yue is waited for this marry a daughter, besides at preparatory wedding, extend individual career more actively at present, the promotion that issues drink for company division is busy extremely.

"We are to decide marriage of the end of the year, but alcoholic drink won't be placed in Hong Kong, still have no this decision temporarily, but when arriving, do not know to be able to be denied have a change, because bilateral parent may feel,have need.

I and fiance can choose an intertropical place to salute, be afraid that be being followed to return is inconvenience discloses, come the list of attend a ceremony already was decided, it is everybody's good friend completely, the form can choose a bit more ordinary, marriage gauze also is, after all the thing that this is two people, I do not think too troublesome great master. It is to should try hard to carry weight at present, because live in recent years normal, fit and happy not little! When be afraid that marriage gauze arrives, do not wear fall! When be afraid that marriage gauze arrives, do not wear fall!!

Piece Yue is entered travel is old, dan Fei is heard do not calculate much, one's early years knew creation person Lei Songde when the singer, then develops amour, nevertheless two people are behaved very low-keyly to emotional affair hold <> concurrently do not wish to be carried more, when Dan Lei opens his recording studio in those days, return particularly incognito for " Moon " , namely piece the meaning of Yue, although the man is indulged by every means to the woman, but still part company finally wind up.

2005 piece Yue was gotten acquainted with install to currently |hold the post of male friendly Yang Zhe, because the father of male friend is Yang Xiaohua of legislative bureau assemblyman, it is to the head has a face to hold family property accumulated over a long time concurrently at long last, so 2006 piece Yue turns designedly row, fade out of recreational group, preparation is married Yang Jia becomes young daughter-in law.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pass buy a person of extraordinary powers to marry curtilage dawn denies repeatedly- Without without

Matutinal (Leon) attend with Chen Huilin yesterday new piece when propaganda, to by rife buy a person of extraordinary powers of 6 ten million to marry curtilage, leon is denied repeatedly, express to marry need not buy a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, say to everybody informs again when waiting for plan marriage again.

Chen Huilin (Kelly) fill yesterday with Leon put on Xi Xin piece " country beautiful woman " thematic song " follow a dream and fly " MV cries activity of ceremony of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, the spot broadcasts the thematic song MV of share of show of 2 people kiss, attract even more 100 road person and Fans are surrounded view.

Dawn and Kelly (right) full-dress attend main actor movie " country beautiful woman " thematic song " follow a dream and fly " MV cries activity of ceremony of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun. Dawn and Kelly (right) full-dress attend

  Assist glad appropriate is firm

Leon points to filming " river " piece during, below 40 degrees of high temperature mail is patted piece, because of too hot blow be laid up of the cold on air conditioning future trouble, he also has luckily to take equipment medicaments. Refer another film of his main actor " Mei Lanfang " , ask Leon knows to deny A Jiao (bell glad tung) at " plum " piece show share? He calls: "Not clear, my show share already was patted. My show share already was patted..

Leon says to there is conduct propaganda yesterday again and did not go of fertile a general term for young women chase after think of meeting, but have send a flower, he appropriate of big favor glad is very firm: "The route goes such cragged to now very hard already, she is done well in every respect, fertile a general term for young women is respectable elder, any moment can support Xin Yi. Any moment can support Xin Yi..

Additional, rife recently Leon bought a person of extraordinary powers of 6 ten million to marry curtilage, he denies repeatedly however say: "Without without! Marry need not buy a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, (when to plan to marry? ) you tell when arriving. ) you tell when arriving..