Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ni can place bridal singer

Keyes   Ni but

Recently, ni but the cater-cousin in a boudoir explodes to media makings, ni can plan to will lift the wedding that do to will not pay attention to ostentation and extravagance on June 25 with Keyes, arrange close kin good friend to attend only, and the foster daughter Yi that You Ni can overcome Lu Si with · of Mu of former husband soup Shabeila, Ni but Andongniya holds the position of the little sister a matron of honour; Keyes asks man of his elder brother keep sb company. To the rich and generous case gift that receives possibly, this can contribute a charitable foundation of los angeles entirely to the couple, help homeless street bummer.

As to Ni optional choose holds wedding in next month, it is to indulge the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater that rice of · of bridal singer Betty carves allegedly, latter is by recognition contemporary " comedic empress " , wander for a long time film of arena of happy at popularity, the Broadway, Hollywood and field of the show that bet a city. Occupy Ni to be able to express, the great musical composition that Betty · rice straps " take wind volant " it is the song that she likes most, do not have a sense to she and Keyes, she hopes Betty · rice is strapped can sing personally on wedding.

It is reported, a cathedral holds the Sydney that wedding general can love most in Ni, next 2 people will have honeymoon one week to Fiji, and Ni can tell friend already, she and Kaisidou won't sign the agreement before marriage. East

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mo Wenwei- Marry need impulse to be pregnant lean lot

In report will occupy new network on April 5 Taiwan media coverage, the Mo Wenwei after golden music song (Karen) Kui violates Taiwan musical circle 3 years, yesterday runs the 8th piece of special " if do not have you " press conference, new special narrates feminine love view, ask she and the feeling of male friendly Feng Delun the state, have answer follow to did not answer about the same.

According to the report, send a press conference, mo Wenwei of fortune-telling division speak bluntly likes to be paid to other in part, like to amuse him happy, but lack is self-confident, she refutes immediately: "How likely? " if take career and love photograph to compare, love is more uncontrollable, can do not have self-confidence quite really.

Fortune-telling division says or state with certainty even she is probable lightning marriage, the marriage after having first even, hong Kong also comes out the message that she plans to will marry in September, mo Wenwei laugh says: "I have hear, but of this fortune-telling forbid, want to ask me agent, the job is discharged early full, the time that which come to? " she thinks, marry need is actuation, be pregnant is lot.

She agrees with the meeting on feeling to make the other side happy live, is Feng Delun happy? She says: "Do not chat today, all love affair answers the surface only later. " new song has first " a person sleeps " , ask her a person sleeps with two people what to have different, she answers cleverly: "I was asleep whats do not know. " with male friendly space two ground how hold together feeling? She says: "Now on whole, on the life very happy. "Now on whole, on the life very happy..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marry the day that register allows bridegroo

On April 17, 18 slope road is pressed down in Central Plains of city of sea fining jade crossroad, zhang Weixiong is installing traffic signal lamp in busy move. Song Guojiang of our newspaper reporter is photographed

Yesterday for the engineer Zhang Weixiong to 32 years old, it is a special day originally. He and be in love old girlfriend is ordered register today marry, light of riverside of sea southern Asia believes the work in the same placing of industrial limited company to also waiting to drink wedding feast. But yesterday afternoon, the reporter presses down site of construction of 18 slope traffic light in Central Plains of city of sea fining jade however, saw this " desert " bridegroom.

Wang Jianwei says this company general manager that leading construction in the spot, zhang Weixiong is the controller of company project department, experience is richer, considering this installation 18 slope traffic light asks tall, time is close, the company sends him to come the spot. He postpones wedding day actively, come building site stays is more than 10 days.

"Our bridegroom officer is very white before, now by ' Bai Ma is princely ' become ' a dark horse is princely ' , " colleague Miss Zhang says for fun.

Zhang Weixiong stands in all the time litre fall the construction in the bowl with high car, can far see a piece of dark face and his busy form. Waited for for a long time, take the advantage of him to come down to take the chance of material, just reachcapture he.

"Order originally will register on April 17, be in because of her big talk, and I am in all the time building site, so remit to is registered next week, wedding also changes to will be held on May 2, " Zhang Weixiong says.

The reporter discovers right now, he not only the face is basked in darkly, the needle that connect bazoo basked in a skin. In the reporter examine minutely again and again below, he just says, 10 come the day did not come home, crossed two antenna road to connect farewell. Say, he stands in bowl again slowly rose.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ma Yili is responded to with article marriage agent not know the inside story

Ma Yili

Ma Yili

Still be in when everybody for " struggle " in " 80 hind " peopleThe lifeWhen mood feeling, the emotional life of a few main actors also is frequency spreads a good news, complete ability creative work of purpose it seems that " struggle 2 " content is performed ahead of schedule in reality. After the Tong Dawei before afterwards is early makes public marriage dispatch, a personage of know the inside story discloses by " struggle " the Ma Yili that brushs fire burning love and article are low-key already also recently register marry.

Illuminate intimately from KTV, sweethearts necklace is cohabitational news even, the feeling between Ma Yili and article accepts the external world fullyAttention. Although two people are denied for many times, but concern this paragraph " sister younger brother is loved " message or never discontinuous. The hearsay is in what Zhang Li directs early " bright and beautiful garment is defended " in, ma Yili with firstCooperatethe article was become " iron brother " , although two people age differs a few years old, but Ma Yili is first-rate however to the impression of this little younger brother. After that two people are patted together " struggle " , although two people are in in drama between the summerly beautiful jade of personate and Xiang Na,have common society only merely, but two people are furtive rapid however incoming telegram, brush a scintilla. Just when this Duan Shi is and rather than,do not pass " sister younger brother is loved " when remaining to confirm, the personage inside circuit discloses two people nowCurrentThe already low-key marriage certificate that get, still plan to give birth to an Olympic Games darling this year.

To this, mr Li accepts the agent of Ma Yi now the news that when the reporter is interviewed, states oneself did not hear its marry. But he introduces, ma Yili since after taking sport in the winter last year because of the body not beautiful answers native place accomplishment, eye forefathers is not in Beijing. Mr Li says the connection between oneself and equestrian Yi Li is fundamental is around the job, but connection is very little recently, complete also to marriage dispatch not know the inside story. AndArticleThe staff member beside expresses to this: "The article is taking sport at present, did not hear the thing that marries about him. Did not hear the thing that marries about him..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Liu Jia Lingliang is considering a knot not to marry toward Wei

Original, today is current golden pheasant 100 flowersThe filmA section activity is more depressed day, because of the Liu Jialing that joins temporarily media meets meeting, become lively rise. The Eight Diagrams and sweetness, become today's subject, liu Jialing and knot of bridge face Wei do not marry, than her whether after shadow of decided at the higher level but not officially announced more care letting a person.

Expression one: Calm

After shadow of decided at the higher level but not officially announced pure belong to out of thin air

On the Liu Jialing that began at 11 o'clock in the morningMediaMeet meeting, because of traffic jam, defer begins 40 minutes. This already was film festival since kicking off, meet the 4th times of Liu Jialing and media, it is she is accepted publicly first however interview. Accordingly, reporters approach heat problem continuously at the beginning -- " you as Suzhou filmRecreationAmbassador, for before film festival is busy busy hind, allegedly film festival serves as redound, you are decided at the higher level but not officially announced after current picture. How are you responded to? How are you responded to??

Liu Jialing's expression is calm all the more, she is admiring a head, say earnestly: "This kind of hearsay rather see film festival too trifling matter, a bit out of thin air. I will accept home town to give me in April thisThe job, the feeling presses muscularity, a carring pole to weigh, the hope can be accomplished with all one's strength best, other did not think so much. No matter I am done well bad perhaps, I am unashamed. I am unashamed..

Liu Jialing says, below her effort, these good friends will give Hou Xiaoxian, Li Yapeng, Wang Fei to go up in prize-giving celebration now tomorrow: "Suzhou is my home town, any works that she needs me to do, I can be done. I can be done..

Expression 2: Open-minded

The thing that make kind is happier than film

In recent years, liu Jialing is in the exposure frequency on activity of of all kinds public, should get often than film writing much. Her feelingProblem, far also than acting art success is brilliant much. Male friendly Liang Chaowei takes shadow emperor 5 times, she is 5 obtain nomination to come to nothing time and again, can you mind this kind of contrast?

Liu Jialing is open-minded the ground says: "I do not become aware gain and loss falls. My life has a lot of different sides. What everybody cares me so is privateThe life, I am incontrollable also, may is my private life more wonderful? " reporters laughed, liu Jialing also smiles, "I had taken too much motion picture before, suit me pat, do not suit me also pat, I do not think now such, the motion picture that can have chosen only goes patting. And, the thing that make kind brings my joy, bigger than the film. Bigger than the film..

Expression 3: Adore

Be Liang Chaowei " color, buddhist monastic discipline " proud

Ever the message says, liu Jialing looks " color, buddhist monastic discipline " on the spot black face, for the naked play jealous of Liang Chaowei and Shang Wei. Hear this old hear, liu Jialing is to burst out laughing first, say then: "I do not have black face at all, it is him instead proud, proud. I more and more admire this great actor, he is in " color, buddhist monastic discipline " in broke through oneself, be further upward! " in her eyes, it is to esteem completely really with proud affection.

Expression 4: Sweet

I am considering the issue that marry

The day before yesterday, first " after Liu Jialing takes golden pheasant picture, liang Chaowei marries her to take the door " the message sees allNetwork. The reporter seeks testimony to Liu Jialing for this, she laughs wittily: "Do not have this view at all, be everybody and I joke? Be everybody and I joke??

Think she is hit so formerly dozen " too extremely " pass a barrier, did not think of Liu Jialing mentions marital problem actively: "I am pondering over the problem that the knot does not marry seriously recently, waited for a consideration to be clear about, meeting and everybody announce. Meeting and everybody announce..

Be what reason makes two people consider marital major issue? Liu Jialing candidly: "I and rain of storm of wind of bridge face Wei went 20 years, if wanting to marry, need impulse is mixedLot. The humor is quite good recently, ponder over this problem so. " does face Wei have Naliang to propose to her? Sweet charming laughs at Liu Jialing: "This, want you to ask him cough up! Want you to ask him cough up!!

Twinkle on left hand ring finger of Liu Jialing get Buddhist monastic discipline to proving happy event it seems that near. She puts the hand artificially to backside, say: "I exchange different ring everyday, what import can this represent again? " but read her sweet smile, enough understands the significance of this delegate.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Liang Chaowei head talk about matrimony- Qiong Wen Yi basketry

The delicacy after marriage is little the Liang Chaowei that accepts media special report, a few days ago be a guest " Lu Yu has about " , the marriage have a youthful look that tells about oneself is vivid. Liang Chaowei says him " importunate is more once upon a time, importunate is less now " . The appellation between two people not as get married and change, either " husband, wife " , still be " A Wei, Jia Ling " .

Liang Chaowei and long-distance running of love of Liu Jia Ling just hold wedding 20 years, enter marital hall. Last year, they held a wedding that attract worldwide attention in Bhutan, romantic and touching. In the program, liang Chaowei says frankly do not want to hold wedding before oneself, "I feel all the time, this kind of thing does a family to look. This kind of thing does a family to look..

He says to pat play much, look at wedding very feel very strange, "We actually two people are together so old, make a wedding, tired, seem to want to do a person to look, seem to make a show such. The feeling is very strange, the private life that feels oneself also wants last time arena looks to the family, do not think such. I feel this is to belong to us two the individual's things. I feel this is to belong to us two the individual's things..

"The result is done when you when, you detect is not done for someone else, do for oneself. So, in Bhutan when feel original pretty is happy. " when Bhutan of Liu Jialing pitch on, after preparing everything alone, liang Chaowei's idea was changed, he likes that wedding very much, very " enjoy " .

   Appellation is changeless she cries " Jia Ling " I cry " A Wei "

After Lu Yu asks he marries, call Liu Jialing wife? Liang Chaowei very reply honestly say: "Without. Be together to have probably 20 years because of us, had been been used to. " the appellation between two people still is come 20 years that " A Wei " , " Jia Ling " .

   Individual character is changeless her love is lively I love to be in alone

Liang Chaowei says he still has a lot of time that handle alone after marriage, and Jia Ling still likes to go out to play, "Major campaign is him a person is done, I like to go to sea, female for fear that basks. I see a movie in the home sometimes listen to music to read a book, prune the tree in the garden. Prune the tree in the garden..

   The position changes her to change hold to me to change compromise

He and Liu Jialing's place are proper now trade, "I can hold to the thing that I think to be opposite previously, I feel to do not have a fault, why she must forbid me to do with might. When the conflict that this field produces previously, although Liu Jialing cries I also won't am in charge of. Now won't, it is her special held to, and I can compromise only.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shoes or boots Shoes Moral With the Professional Industry Expansion Will be Warmer

HC boot net Sept. 21 reading, the existing "transformation and also upgrade" is now familiar for the public vocab of Dongguan, Dongguan and also for Shoes or boots, The alteration and upgrading remain many difficulty to combination. Happy could be the base from your Asia Shoes or boots Headquarters constructing to improve the enlargement of several professional industry, the market is conducting many different exploration.

In which explore important. In reality, intentionally or perhaps unintentionally, Dongguan boot industry is going to be able to re-Humen Garments Industry, the trail traveled, from your single creation process for the R & N headquarters inside the circulation regarding economic restructuring. And also this way Gairuhezou, Dongguan boot industry naturally end up being the focus regarding attention.

Q Footwear industry is more comfortable? Recently, Humen Fumin Buckskin fabric components wholesale industry, business clothing and also luggage buckle Shoes or boots The Wei Qin Shi-list components store operator became active.

"To the initial half with the second half last yr, shoe enterprise plummeted, next, a day following your shop are capable of doing that in opposition to fluorescent daze, inches Lily mentioned list, from your second half this yr, shoe enterprise began to grab, to acquiring goods to be able to customers will be gradually improving.

List and also Lily shoes have got similar knowledge is definately not alone, in accordance with fabric components Humen Fumin Buckskin Market Director Full Tang, released the from suppliers market at present has 182 stalls, enterprise shoes, bags, etc. Buckskin And components, many organizations also appeal to shoes. A year ago, the financial meltdown struck, area of the shoe manufacturing facility closed straight down, affecting several stalls available. Thus, beginning last March, enriching lowered by 20% inside the wholesale industry stalls hire, tenants tide on the crisis together with. Subsequently, a message so your whole Tang, sense increasingly anxious competition: town of Humen Houjie adjacent to the expansion with the major boot market, the particular pace will be accelerating.

Tang, this worry will be unnecessary. Since last yr, the international economic slowdown inside the background, from Dongguan exclusive entrepreneurs acquired invested huge amounts of shoe boot Houjie Bundle of money Plaza Period II contrarian industry, then continued for this, Houjie To the south Peak, Kawada to be able to expand markets may also be quietly upgraded.

Course, this kind of contrarian enlargement, the training of marketing industrial upgrading in addition has attracted plenty of doubt the particular voice with the industry: the financial meltdown, rising garbage, the fresh "Labor Law" beneath the impact regarding multiple aspects, Dongguan boot industry furthermore contrarian expansion did it?

This, the developer did not answer, it variations on practically million Hongfa the initial to set the merchants with the settled hire reduction help, and independent ways business fight the international financial tsunami problems.

Reporter noted that year's September 26-October a couple of, closely observed Dongguan brand name clothing and also shoes (Northeast) Advertising Week will probably be held inside Changchun Metropolis, Jilin State, Dongguan boot industry typically believe it is an crucial release Sign: Dongguan Metropolis government in any way levels will be increasing the efforts to guide the enterprises to produce domestic industry.

"The endeavours of authorities and enterprise direction will be, in reality, the Chinese with regards to population or perhaps consumption viewpoint, is the particular world's a massive consumer industry for shoes or boots. " Dongguan Buckskin Shoes Connection Deputy Secretary-General Wang Zhuo-liang mentioned that currently, Dongguan boot shown an indication of more comfortable, Shoe Must seize the ability to head out bravely to start the industry.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Footwear shoe market since the new "cheese" -- Slurry Pump motor Parts -- Slurry Pump motor EHM

These days, casual design gradually heating, people's concept of getting wealthy leisure existence. In this particular "casual" idea, under the actual guidance as well as leisure marketplace is quickly amplified towards the casual footwear industry has taken tremendous improvement potential. Leisure time market all of a sudden enlarged, and leisure time industries are associated with birth from several casual manufacturer, which symbolized them clothing as well as shoes, casual shoes as well as apparel led the style of the actual frontier. Also occupied nearly all casual shoes as well as apparel marketplace share on the market to observe major brands a new comer to know, for example Gucci, Lanvin, nike compete to create leisure sequence. Casual shoes as well as apparel marketplace is large, because this really is an important a part of leisure pounds.
Classification associated with China's informal shoes
With product sales of informal footwear market right into a significant improve year through year, the major bit of shoe tend to be swallowing difficult cheese. In the brand history, currently available on the market brand shoes split into 3 categories: worldwide brands, household brands as well as brand expansion. The buying power associated with international brands through the customer elements, is still within the collaborative competitors, "the cake" phase, not in a rush overall growth, but the actual image from the product power and power benefits of both, to pay attention to cultivating client loyalty wealthy, first-class town occupation The actual famous retail center. Domestic brand may be the country's expert shoes producer, they industry, OEM-based, domestic sales for that second, the present domestic market to obtain their interest, so lots of casual shoes producers, in the actual domestic market also offers good overall performance. Brand extension is really a traditional leather-based shoes as well as sports shoes as well as apparel industry along with other branches associated with industry top brands associated with shoes from products; their own resources, funnel, brand reveal, brand expansion, some of those rely about the mainstream development from the brand title recognition as well as good status Some not just had under satisfactory. The informal shoe type could be divided in to three groups: walking or comfort shoes, flip flops / blocks, and informal shoes, such as ballet shoes, slip-ons, Mary Her shoes, Marcussen shoes, cruising shoes, ribbons shoes, footwear, etc. shoes. Whilst its top material generally leather, artificial leather, PU leather-based, PVC leather-based, nylon nylon uppers cloth as well as canvas.
Unlimited possibility of precise placement
According in order to relevant study, except for many faithful promoter of sports activities shoes, 70% associated with consumers gradually shift in order to wear shoes. The majority of developed nations in Hong Kong as well as abroad, casual shoes due to the comfort as well as quality associated with people's every day lives may be the first option. The household industry, informal shoes, informal shoes, the majority of the overall placement of manufacturer preference within the mature item system getting older. This manufacturer getting more youthful and more youthful today, is very inconsistent as well as directly slow down the youthful consumer's requirements and choices, resulting inside a small minority from the consumer marketplace and informal shoes sluggish growth within the consumer marketplace.
So how you can break with the outbreak associated with casual shoes, thin and sports activities brand, informal wear manufacturer gap? The important thing to which system, how the manufacturer really youthful, and catch the pattern of each driving pressure and powerful spending energy of youthful generation. Only in this manner can help to make casual shoes squeezed to the fashion business, fashion industry on the quarterly foundation to the main topic of focus associated with fashion, eventually forming a strong driving force from the radiation. It's understood how the current household casual shoes, still remain exactly the same in design, whether it's business informal, fashion, leisure time, outdoor leisure time...... vast most of enterprise items, are merely imitating the actual production line having a single production, there isn't any inner-depth study from the real requirements of customers. Therefore, the shoe want to develop in this region must possess a precise manufacturer positioning.
Multi-pronged approach to be able to win within the position occupied through the market
Additionally, the footwear brand idea ought to be under the actual guidance associated with special style team, item quality, design, cultural elements along with other aspects associated with detailed style. Team of creating professionals within the design, the merchandise will gather fashion, leisure time elements, using its unique type of products to fulfill consumer need for leisure time.
Focus upon product improvement in the same time frame, shoe businesses should positively integrate assets, increase manufacturer communication pace, and make an effort to play the merchandise culture to some maximum. As well as escalating in order to marketing, be it professional sports activities or amusement industry can also be stepping or even animation films, all types of high-end advertising resources need to be involved in that way product idea was recognized by increasingly more consumers.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Huang Jiajiang prepares bridal place to keep secret

Huang Jiajiang and day book cummer will marry this year, before (on March 31) when late Huang Jiajiang attends skill to celebrate late banquet, disclose wedding will not be held in Hong Kong, still firm say scarcely can be acted according to child get married, because with cummer love each other sincerely. Ask whether he busies now preparatory wedding, he says ﹕ " the meeting is low-key, do not do in Hong Kong, the place does not tell everybody, the knot is over come back to be able to say with everybody. (When? ) should this year, can be a family member only (attend) . (Plan to become father? ) and did not think these so quickly, arrange its nature, if won't not want accidentally. (Act according to child get married? ) scarcely can be acted according to child get married, we love each other sincerely, accident (be pregnant) seeming is to be forced (marry) like, can marry even if (mutual) like. "
In addition, early before if can invite Beyond to hold the position of concert honored guest,the day will express in May not this gives birth to crooked, huang Jiajiang throws a damp over to this, say the opportunity is very small. He says ﹕ " say understanding comes loose to be attended very hard with the name of Beyond again, beyond has each each busy, gather very hard also again, actually a lot of sponsor an unit to call us the show, refused. (Does that earn a lot of money not less? ) and should make money hard so, if return,do not tear open with the name of Beyond (disband) . If return,do not tear open with the name of Beyond

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hardware of contest of world bright and beautiful becomes bridal newly-married optimal gift

Be in dozenth an Australia that natant world wins medal of 5 gold nugget on bright and beautiful contest female Libilaidu the likelihood is the person with this the busiest week, it is after the journey that ended contest of world bright and beautiful, she still has not enough time to rest to be thrown in the contention of bay beauty dual meet again, and after finishing these match jobs, lai will receive the mainest major issue in life suddenly, her wedding will be held weekend in this.

The wedding day that Lai pauses is already affirmatory, she 22 years old will hold wedding in Sydney with fiance, her task before this is bay beauty dual meet. Lai is the most dazzling giant star on contest of world bright and beautiful undoubtedly suddenly, she took rice and 100 meters of 50 crawl, 100 meters of butterfly stroke, with the gold of 4*100 rice crawl and medley race. The impression that Lai gives a person suddenly is nifty and lovely all the time, to this huge success, she is very excited say: "Before comparing world bright and beautiful to surpass, I can take gold without extravagant hopes at all, more never mention it card of 5 gold nugget. But I was accomplished however, this is inconceivable really. This is inconceivable really..

And to coming wedding, lai pours some insecurity suddenly, she says: "My mood is a little nervous really now, the hour with the most important life was about to come, but this is worth excitement absolutely, my general is spent in all in Sydney bay and sweetheart the most romantic momently. Although I even to prepare for war Beijing Olympic Games and hard, but I or the time that decide to take out two months go having honeymoon, well let oneself be loosened. Well let oneself be loosened..

What be worth to be carried more is, on today's bay beauty dual meet, lai entered medley race of 4*100 of male and female suddenly, in the match, feierpusi developed she and American remarkable ability intense sexual big fight, with 52 seconds the achievement of 99 broke a woman finally 100 meters world record. Although this match is not the traditional and normal match that international uses, but Australia swim assist still signing up for world record to busying actively for Laidushen, they are certain this honor can get acknowledgement certainly.

Feel well of drive of thing of person Feng Xi, lai is in suddenly this Zhou Li record-breaking becomes a bride again, believe so wonderful sense can be her to prepare for war certainly infuse of Beijing Olympic Games more vigor.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Group plan- Peng Jiahui gets married happily

Tecent recreation dispatch on April 8, taipei, 8 days of late Peng Jiahui and husband Wang Piren (STEVEN) good friend of close kin of both sides of 52 desks fete leaves in banquet of 6 blessing palace, whole field accepts next nearly 2 million case gift. Two new personality ask to fall in media in public glossal kiss, admire evil spirit other people; And the music deciding affection that broadcasts Peng Jiahui to write husband when the spot " evermore " , bridal force holds aplomb, write down good friend Hu Peilian to explain what ten million cannot cry to admonish sincerely, maintain the fairest look, a species of orchid of week of 3 a matron of honour, Lin Xiaopei and Peng beautiful Neon criterion throw the helve after the hatchet is beautiful, cry on the spot red-eyed.

Grandfather and mom all because the body is unwell, did not attend Peng Jiahui's wedding, change to maintain full-court by grandma and mother-in-law force; Nevertheless, the grandfather gives singing in VCR, the nice singing voice that reveals Peng Jiahui comes from heredity. Before wedding, the grandma serves 4 money to weigh gold ring to give STEVEN, hope two people want to pull a hand all one's life, be born early expensive child, because of oneself already 80 years old, the hope can be become at an early date spot of A ancestor wedding falls in Peng Jiahui dominant, with delicate and charming the red rose that is about to drip decorates full-court, happiness elephantine a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale and perfect, peng Jiahui and with oneself the largest scale, put on Dresses of silk of bud of white low bosom to highlight bosom of his 32 C beauty, change the white that wear rice to show back Dresses subsequently big elegant back.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Putian shoes footwear city being the biggest business system for Hercynian

With increased than nine hundred businessmen positioned shoes supplies, December thirty, 2009, the town of Putian shoes great opening. Total investment in excess of 360 zillion yuan within Putian Town, Fujian Land shoes crucial project were only available in January 2007, addressing 300 mu, building section of 30 1000 square yards, set associated with shoe product sales of clothing supplies, shoe device, shoe show, finished clothing show, logistics as well as distribution in general, set 1402 exhibit, is the actual Hercynian the biggest and the majority of versatile shoes expert market of recycleables, it is essential shoes business transactions, info exchange system. Meanwhile, Putian Putian shoes clothing city may be approved through the municipal federal government to put into action national local brand, "two facilities, two bases" (or "China Shoes innovation base", "Chinese footwear export base", "Chinese shoes Business R & Deb center inch, " The far east Footwear Info Center ") within the" 2 bases "of the actual construction function, and shoes within Putian Town, the" 2 center "reserved using space.

Chain lags behind the entire development associated with imperfections brought on by

The conditions ugg boots-Cardy Dark UGGS, ugh footwear and ug boots happen to be used because generic conditions for ugg sheepskin footwear in Sydney since 1950 as well as 1960 Artificial and imitation fur boots don't have these qualities and sheepskin Cardy Dark UGGS tend to be highly prized for his or her effectiveness. Cardy Dark UGGS are made to be put on without socks to be able to maximize advantages of sheepskin. The ladies ugg footwear button is really a calf-height boot produced from genuine twin-face sheepskin. Top of the cuff about this traditional style includes a natural snuggle, making every pair somewhat different as well as uniquely your own.

The Bailey Switch uggs is actually updated having a wooden UGG logo design button as well as elastic music group closure so that as with just about all UGG Bailey Button within our Classic selection, this boot includes a soft froth insole protected with real sheepskin and it has a gentle and versatile outsole created for refreshing comfort and ease with each and every step. I'm certainly that the children may can't assist themselves as well as loved all of them, roll real thick Sydney merino lambs wool, organic protect coating of kids feet because socks, flexible insole created more room for quick growing feet for very long time wearing! Children's simpleness Ugg Traditional Cardy red match your princess or queen more! Reduce charge associated with Discount Child Ugg Footwear online, the bailey switch kids inexpensive Australia market $105, 10 dollar less expensive than grownup ugg bailey switch boots! Dark, chestnut, gray, chocolate, flower, sand obtainable in kids bailey switch and traditional short ugg footwear kids, flexible fasten switch which within emboss along with UGG logo design!

The nineties associated with last hundred years, the quick development associated with Putian footwear industry, to 1993 once the 10th anniversary of creating the town of Putian, already has a lot more than 100 footwear companies, yearly production associated with over million pairs associated with shoes, exports greater than a thousand types of species, offered to thirty countries as well as regions. Putian shoes industry technologies and administration level will also be more mature with this period, production in the only shoes, leather-based shoes, develop to create high, moderate and reduced taste, colour variety, extremely merchants encouraged the sports activities shoes, Included in this, three-way, Lei Bao, Nike, Adidas along with other famous sports activities shoes, probably the most famous, typically the most popular.

However, the shoes industry within China Putian industry leading was quickly broken. Right now, 17 many years before getting county-level town in Jinjiang, shoes output worth 39. 5 million in 08, has much exceeded Putian, and it has 8 nationwide brands, sales for comparable products, brands and well-known images in The far east 80% from the total. Once the "Anta", "special step", "361 degrees" along with other brand revealed and yelled out the nation when Jinjiang, Putian almost 200 shoe about the scale, just "Water", "Double Chi" Both of these state-level manufacturer. And a lot more than 20 in years past, although how big Putian Footwear widening, however the industrial structure hasn't fundamentally transformed, "processing" mode still use these days. The distinction is which, in yesteryear Putian footwear do OEM with regard to foreign manufacturers, and right now many within the neighborhood from the brand to complete OEM Jinjiang.

For a long period, Putian shoes and sheet and outfit industry chain isn't perfect, to produce a larger development from the industry's restrictions. Procurement of recycleables from overseas, not just labor, delivery expenses tend to be huge, and often from the order of times and entirely completion. Hua Cheng Footwear Co., Ltd. Huangshi Biao information: the shoes, style shoes, informal shoes, jewellery common sunflower, for instance, Putian shoe invest in Dongguan, Guangdong, sunflowers 1 yuan every; if the neighborhood order, so long as 0. two yuan.

Within the new hundred years, Putian rejuvenate the "shoe city" Treasures from the calls carry on, government sections make excellent efforts to aid the footwear business improvement. "Water" golf ball shoes, the actual "double Chi" soccer shoes, "Luo Chi" climbing shoes, "Season of" informal shoes, and also the rapid development of brand new forces, domestic as well as international marketplace impact is constantly on the increase. Within 2008, Putian Town, was granted the "Chinese footwear export bottom, " the actual title the same time frame, Putian City has additionally focused about the shoe size in excess of 20 businesses support the unified product called "Chinese footwear export bottom, " sales from the company logo design, "Chinese shoes export base", "Putian good brand" along with other signs for that operation associated with domestic oneness, and make an effort to 3 many years, the product sales network since the whole nation.

The quantity of shoe Putian developing, but till 2006, the local don't have a big shoe market to aid the expert development associated with shoe-making business, many businesses only visited Wenzhou, Jinjiang to buy. To place it bluntly, that's, the uncooked material within Putian steady money might have handed to someone otherwise.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learn how to develop a lot of our brand past experiences marketing your kid's shoes : shoes, babies shoes

HC running shoes net Jan 12 Press Experience Marketing Massive the market happens to be active in the adult shoes, brand Shoe Is exactly used to unlock markets because of experiential online marketing, to win over consumers. But, immediately subsequent to

adult shoes, brand Trainers Began having experiential online marketing. Road leopard shoes label will recede out some national monopoly structure, the fatal stores in your introduction from "health experiential" online marketing model, to make certain that more fathers and mothers to children to grasp and feel the way exclusive health services Panther show brought person care. Road leopard shoes to make a difference "healthy experience" a good solid marketing brand, to complete a model economy focus, and take on this chance lead rapidly to generally be the latest region, led rd Leopard "healthy" rise of this brand all around.

Brand your kid's shoes the simplest way experiential online marketing, experiential online marketing and whatever support past experiences marketing available to buy What are can children's shoes, brand shoes at the moment are concerns.

First, in the bottom market via the experience of this scene not to mention atmosphere to make a brand disposition display console. Buy shoes nowadays when babies or fathers and mothers generally get decisions basically try small children and not more fun not to mention comfort. Children's shoes label can Offer for sale Experience terminal for instance the store started area for the purpose of children to enjoy autonomy, personal preference, return it to create a particular atmosphere, so to the parents to say the very thought of his have brand your kid's shoes. To illustrate, Road Leopard definitely will introduce some children's ft . for ankle measuring resources, shoes for any child prior to an election are able to measure a foot to begin with, under the feet of the $ 64000 choice regarding own shoes. This eliminates bother for some mother to most inappropriate challenges always pay for shoes. As reported by measurement from foot, brand your kid's shoes may well create the database from children from different becomes older foot, making your jewelry more acceptable for the advanced consumer.

Road leopard shoes will likewise set the terminal stores in your health particular field, purchase literature, children's healthiness, as most certainly as rd leopard have children's course "China Your kid's Health Lead, " is almost always to the fitness of children through plenty of soft culture in the terminal healthiness store oxygen mobilized. Consumers will have more eyes, communicating typically the brand vision.

Second, support for the purpose of experiential marketing will be product, compatible with some services, consumers are generally confident on a full array of experience. Children's shoes cutting edge products through R & D really concerned concerning upper want, must look at the entry to technology products, developing new releases. Road Leopard to begin with join main international analysts in young child health researching, established the pioneer domestic L & T Promotion Cardiovascular health shoes, this Environmental insurance The material utilized by the device, from one, insole in the upper covering; also contains a scientific distillation from products, the hottest release from "O2" water resistant breathable feet is one example. In the time to come, the process Leopard Healthiness Promotion Cardiovascular will importance shoes Dress System, develop preventive care and attention bags, gifts and various other accessories, along the lines of correcting your kid's pencil pad grasp, or or help babies develop fantastic reading methods of perusing lights. Just read the simple technology services, we are able to support typically the terminal economy of experiential online marketing, experiential marketing may well play in the best, the right results.

Last of all, experiential online marketing, interactive your kid's shoes can get considerably more competitiveness of this brand not to mention brand comprehension, reputation. Parent shoes nowadays, whether and / or children's shoes, competition is really fierce, brand shoes enterprises to totally enhance potential customer satisfaction, often is the ultimate online marketing experience that allows you to stimulate typically the marketing label shoe move up, so who in serious of Trainers Market is absolutely not out. Is using this method of online marketing experience even obvious rise in your kid's shoes label awareness not to mention reputation, getting the label value from continuous bringing up-to-date.

In little, brand shoes seems to have opened some prelude towards experiential online marketing. Experiential value-added online marketing in your kid's shoes labels play particularly important character, experiential online marketing, the economy for your kid's shoes label competition someday will play particularly important character. Hope who China's entry to experiential online marketing, brand your kid's shoes towards consolidate and further develop the forex market further in your win finished consumers.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Methods to develop this brand feel marketing your child's shoes - shoes, little children shoes

HC black-jack shoe net Present cards 12 Info Experience Marketing Realize it's a huge the market is actually mixed up in adult shoes, brand Shoe Is actually used to tell you lot more markets right from experiential promotional, to conquer consumers. Still, immediately subsequently after

adult shoes, brand Athletic shoes Began the installation of experiential promotional. Road leopard shoes trademark will agenda out a fabulous national monopoly model, the airport terminal stores on the introduction about "health experiential" promotional model, ın order that more families to children to recognize and have the way your own health supplements Panther selection brought real human care. Road leopard shoes to generate a difference "healthy experience" an exciting new marketing device, to come up with a model markets focus, and receive this opportunity to lead rapidly to start to be the cutting edge region, led avenue Leopard "healthy" rise for the brand on the whole.

Brand your child's shoes ways experiential promotional, experiential promotional and the things support feel marketing that can be found What are partners . children's shoes, brand shoes are getting concerns.

Before everything else, in the market on the experience for the scene and additionally atmosphere to generate a brand attitude display principle. Buy shoes at this time when little children or families generally earn decisions sole try young children and will no longer fun and additionally comfort. Children's shoes trademark can Distribute Experience terminal much like the store launched area just for children to perceive autonomy, determination, return the property to create any atmosphere, and just the parents to show isn't his personally own brand your child's shoes. As an illustration, Road Leopard should introduce a fabulous children's little feet for bottom measuring technology, shoes from each child prior to when the election may well measure any foot first of all, under your toes of the particular choice for a own shoes. This eliminates the need for a fabulous mother eventually inappropriate hardship always decide to buy shoes. Consistent with measurement about foot, brand your child's shoes could perhaps create ones own database about children about different matures foot, making your inventory more to suit the cutting-edge consumer.

Road leopard shoes might also set up the terminal stores on the health line of business, purchase novels, children's health and wellness, as certainly as avenue leopard personally own children's booklet "China Your child's Health Help, " can be to the health of children through many different soft culture to terminal health and wellness store air flow mobilized. Consumers are able to get more eyeballs, communicating all the brand approach.

Second, support just for experiential marketing certainly is the product, as cool as some supplements, consumers is confident in a full variety of experience. Children's shoes revolutionary products for R & D actually concerned to the upper cool, must notice the us going for technology solutions, developing new items. Road Leopard first of all join finest international advisors in children health explore, established the most important domestic R & Defense Promotion Coronary heart health shoes, the medical Environmental cover The material ascribed to the unit, from bottom, insole to upper working surface; also comprises of a scientific distillation about products, the next release about "O2" watertight breathable soles is one of these. In the destiny, the solution Leopard Health and wellness Promotion Coronary heart will significance shoes Outfit System, type preventive maintenance bags, gifts as well accessories, that include correcting your child's pencil pencil grasp, or to help little children develop wonderful reading eating habits of checking lights. With these technology supplements, we may well support all the terminal markets of experiential promotional, experiential marketing could perhaps play to best, the best quality results.

In conclusion, experiential promotional, interactive your child's shoes can expand the competitiveness for the brand and additionally brand curiosity, reputation. Person of legal age shoes at this time, whether or possibly children's shoes, competition could be very fierce, brand shoes enterprises to fully enhance person satisfaction, is a ultimate promotional experience to stimulate all the marketing trademark shoe modernize, so which usually in excessive of Athletic shoes Market isn't really out. Is after the process of promotional experience equally obvious strengthen in your child's shoes trademark awareness and additionally reputation, having the trademark value about continuous updating your.

In short-term, brand shoes comes with opened a fabulous prelude to make sure you experiential promotional. Experiential value-added promotional in your child's shoes designs play tremendously important place, experiential promotional, the markets for your child's shoes trademark competition at some point will play tremendously important place. Hope which usually China's us going for experiential promotional, brand your child's shoes to make sure you consolidate and additional develop sales further on the win across consumers.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Boots and shoes shoe market as being the new "cheese" : Slurry Tube Parts : Slurry Tube EHM

Now, casual design and style gradually temperatures rising, people's understanding of getting vibrant leisure everyday living. In the following "casual" thought, under a guidance plus leisure sector is fast amplified to your casual athletic shoe industry has had tremendous progression potential. Enjoyment market all of the sudden enlarged, and enjoyment industries are connected with birth outside a team of casual make, which available them clothing plus shoes, casual shoes plus apparel led the style of a frontier. Also occupied almost all casual shoes plus apparel sector share sold in the market to find major brands a novice to know, just like Gucci, Lanvin, nike compete to form leisure set. Casual shoes plus apparel sector is substantial, because this is certainly an important element of leisure excess fat.
Classification with China's recreational shoes
With profits of recreational footwear market to a significant maximize year by way of year, the major item of shoe will be swallowing very difficult cheese. With the brand foundation, currently that you can buy brand shoes torn into some categories: foreign brands, family brands plus brand ext. The obtaining power with international brands by customer issues, is still while in the collaborative level of competition, "the cake" step, not quickly overall business expansion, but a image of your product muscle and power greatest things about both, to spotlight cultivating shopper loyalty affluent, first-class urban center occupation A famous retail center. Domestic brand is a country's qualified shoes vendor, they commerce, OEM-based, domestic sales for any second, today's domestic market to receive their particular attention, so loads of casual shoes brands, in a domestic market has the benefit of good operation. Brand extension is actually a traditional set shoes plus sports shoes plus apparel industry and various branches with industry main brands with shoes outside products; its resources, siphon, brand promote, brand ext, some of rely to the mainstream development of your brand term recognition plus good track record Some but not only had not as much as satisfactory. The recreational shoe type is often divided within three areas: walking and comfort shoes, sandals resorts in jamaica / professional clogs, and recreational shoes, like ballet shoes, men's slippers, Mary Nara shoes, Marcussen shoes, marining shoes, lace shoes, boot footwear, etc. shoes. When its superior material often leather, fabricated leather, PU set, PVC set, nylon fine mesh cloth plus canvas.
Unlimited prospects for precise ranking
According so that you can relevant market research, except for quite a few faithful promoter of physical activities shoes, 70% with consumers bit by bit shift so that you can wear shoes. A lot of developed locations in Hong Kong plus abroad, casual shoes because comfort plus quality with people's each day lives is a first preference. The family industry, recreational shoes, recreational shoes, many of the overall ranking of make preference while in the mature supplement system maturing. This make getting newer and newer today, is rather inconsistent plus directly hinder the little consumer's demands and priorities, resulting inside of a small minority of your consumer sector and recreational shoes slowly growth while in the consumer sector.
So ways to break in the outbreak with casual shoes, limit and physical activities brand, recreational wear make gap? One of the keys to this system, how the make really little, and take the movement of either driving compel and formidable spending electricity of little generation. Only by doing this can generate casual shoes squeezed on the fashion field, fashion industry for a quarterly base to the main topics focus with fashion, eventually forming a very good driving force of your radiation. Its understood the fact that current family casual boots or shoes, still remain precisely the same in design and style, whether its business recreational, fashion, enjoyment, outdoor enjoyment...... vast many enterprise products and solutions, are easily imitating a production line which includes a single developing, there is not a inner-depth study of your real demands of individuals. Therefore, the shoe would wish to develop in this region must have got a precise make positioning.
Multi-pronged approach so that they can win while in the position occupied by market
On top of that, the athletic shoe brand idea really should be under a guidance with special style and design team, supplement quality, design and style, cultural elements and various aspects with detailed style and design. Team making professionals while in the design, this product will bring together fashion, enjoyment elements, featuring its unique form of products in order to reach consumer demand from customers for enjoyment.
Focus for product progression in the same time, shoe corporation should attempt to integrate options, increase make communication quickness, and aim at play this product culture to the maximum. Plus escalating so that you can marketing, jewel professional physical activities or fun industry is likewise stepping and also animation flicks, all styles of high-end promotion resources end up being involved by doing this product thought was established by progressively more consumers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Putian shoes boots and shoes city to turn into the premier business stand for Hercynian

To learn than nine hundred businessmen positioned shoes elements, December 31, 2009, the hub of Putian shoes huge opening. Total investment in excess of 360 , 000, 000 yuan around Putian Urban center, Fujian Land shoes major project were only available in January 2007, covering up 300 mu, building patch of 30 million square meters, set with shoe profits of clothing elements, shoe product, shoe demonstrate, finished clothing demonstrate, logistics plus distribution as one, set 1402 display, is a Hercynian the main and a lot of versatile shoes qualified market of recycleables, it is critical shoes commerce transactions, information and facts exchange stand. Meanwhile, Putian Putian shoes clothing city is approved by municipal administration to use national local brand, "two locations, two bases" (or "China Boots or shoes innovation base", "Chinese athletic shoe export base", "Chinese shoes Field R & Chemical center inches, " Chinese suppliers Footwear Information and facts Center ") around the" not one but two bases "of a construction deliver the results, and shoes around Putian Urban center, the" not one but two center "reserved the utilization of space.

Chain lags behind all around development with imperfections the result of

The stipulations ugg boots-Cardy Dark colored UGGS, ugh boot footwear and ug boots were used when generic stipulations for ugg sheepskin boot footwear in Modern australia since 1950 plus 1960 Fabricated and pretend fur boots do not possess these homes and sheepskin Cardy Dark colored UGGS will be highly prized with regard to their effectiveness. Cardy Dark colored UGGS are created to be worn out without socks so that they can maximize benefits associated with sheepskin. The girls ugg boot footwear button is actually a calf-height boot manufactured from genuine twin-face sheepskin. Top of the cuff during this traditional style contains a natural snuggle, making each one pair marginally different plus uniquely you.

The Bailey Control key uggs is definitely updated which includes a wooden UGG custom logo button plus elastic strap closure design with all of UGG Bailey Button in the Classic group, this boot includes soft foam insole taken care of with reputable sheepskin and has now a lumination and bendable outsole devised for refreshing relaxation with any step. I'm certainly that your chosen children is going to can't enable themselves plus loved these folks, roll absolute thick Modern australia merino lamb wool, all-natural protect part of small children feet when socks, flexible insole designed more space or room for speedy growing 12 inches for period of time wearing! Children's ease-of-use Ugg Timeless Cardy light red match your princess or queen more! More affordable charge with Discount Children Ugg Boot footwear online, your bailey control key kids low-priced Australia sell off $105, eight dollar inexpensive than grown-up ugg bailey control key boots! Dark colored, chestnut, dreary, chocolate, increased by, sand to be found in kids bailey control key and timeless short ugg boot footwear kids, accommodating fasten control key which around emboss by using UGG custom logo!

The nineties with last a single, the immediate development with Putian athletic shoe industry, to 1993 should the 10th anniversary making the urban center of Putian, already has above 100 athletic shoe companies, total annual production with over million pairs with shoes, exports eco-friendly tea's health benefits thousand styles of species, bought to 31 countries plus regions. Putian boots or shoes industry know-how and control level are usually more mature in such a period, production with the only shoes, set shoes, develop to form high, carrier and very low taste, colouring variety, really merchants desired the physical activities shoes, Including, three-way, Lei Bao, Nike, Adidas and various famous physical activities shoes, the best famous, the best.

However, the boots or shoes industry around China Putian technologically advanced was in the near future broken. At this moment, 17 ages before starting to be county-level urban center in Jinjiang, boots or shoes output cost 39. 5 million in '08, has a long way exceeded Putian, and has now 8 country's brands, it for very similar products, famous brands and well-known images in Chinese suppliers 80% of your total. Should the "Anta", "special step", "361 degrees" and various brand launched and yelled out the land when Jinjiang, Putian pretty much 200 shoe to the scale, exclusively "Water", "Double Chi" The above state-level make. And above 20 issue, although how big the Putian Boots and shoes widening, although the industrial structure has never fundamentally evolved, "processing" mode continue to keep use now. The variance is this, in the last Putian athletic shoe do OEM to get foreign companies, and at this moment many while in the neighborhood of your brand to undertake OEM Jinjiang.

For long periods, Putian boots or shoes and sheet and item industry chain will not be perfect, to brew a larger development of your industry's regulations. Procurement of recycleables from to foreign countries, not exclusively labor, shipping charges expenses will be huge, and often of your order of times and the whole amount completion. Hua Cheng Boots and shoes Co., Ltd. Huangshi Biao car loans calculations: the shoes, design shoes, recreational shoes, rings common sunflower, such as, Putian shoe obtain Dongguan, Guangdong, sunflowers 1 yuan each one; if any local order, provided 0. couple of yuan.

While in the new a single, Putian rejuvenate the "shoe city" Treasures of your calls continue on, government section make superb efforts with supporting the athletic shoe business progression. "Water" basketball game shoes, a "double Chi" baseball shoes, "Luo Chi" climbing shoes, "Season of" recreational shoes, as well as rapid advancement of innovative forces, domestic plus international sector impact is constantly on the increase. Around 2008, Putian Urban center, was gave the "Chinese athletic shoe export platform, " a title the same time, Putian City has additionally focused to the shoe size in excess of 20 providers support your unified product defined as "Chinese athletic shoe export platform, " sales of your company custom logo, "Chinese boots or shoes export base", "Putian excellent brand" and various signs for any operation with domestic oneness, and aim at 3 ages, the profits network since the whole place.

The wide variety of shoe Putian escalating, but right until 2006, the local do not possess a massive shoe market with supporting the qualified development with shoe-making field, many providers only left for Wenzhou, Jinjiang to obtain. To indicated bluntly, that is definitely, the live material around Putian constant money would've handed over to someone altogether different.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chen Xiaochun should be collected bridal cathedral exposure

Should collect in the Xiaobai that bets a city with Chen Xiaochun bridal cathedral holds wedding. On January 17, chen Xiaochun of 42 years old announces will at first day of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar, namely the Valentine's Day and cummer should be collected this year the Xiaobai wedding church that helps Siweijiasi to the United States (Little White Wedding Chapel) is registered marry. It is reported, small white bridal church is called again “ marriage is fast passageway ” , hand in 60 dollars to be able to be registered marry.

Small white bridal church marries for celebrity heat.

Chen Xiaochun of 42 years old and 26 years old should collect blossom and bear fruit eventually. (Data chart)


Chen Xiaochun of 42 years old and 26 years old should collect be in love 3 years, blossom and bear fruit eventually, 2 people will grab brake to be in tiger year manage a wedding, 14 days of Valentine's Days hold next month concurrently first day of the lunar year pulls Siweijiasi to register in the United States marry. As we have learned, should collect be in with Chen Xiaochun bridal cathedral fact is the Xiaobai that bets a city to hold wedding celebrity marriage heat, besides the procedure that because deal with,marries is unusually convenient and simple quick, want bridegroom bride to provide his identification only, outside paying the registering cost of 60 dollars to be able to get marriage certificate; It is quite mature also to still celebrate a service because of the marriage here perfect, the wedding of any forms is arranged very easily, charge is not expensive also. Include “ of husband of ease of Shao of ” of 6 father's younger brother and Fang Yihua, Yang Qian and Ding Zi are red of tall of Er of Michael of giant star of tall, basketball, small sweet · of cloth Lan Ni Sipiersi and black rice · rub the star such as Er, choose to be registered here marry.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Burmese - bride - in Henan - blame is normal - marriage

They and person communication basically carry gesticulation, eyes and simple dialogue, a few Burmese women can have said simple Henan word even.

"His settle on I, I also like him. I do not think. " on May 16, burning hot afternoon, old small think of (

If not be this girl of 20 years old,be brought back afresh jail, we forgot her identity almost: What enter a country illegally is Burmese " bride " .

This is a common county of city of the inn that be stationed in a horse -- , new Cai. Before half moon, chen Xiaosai is in " aunt " -- , of an intermediary person guide below, wade 10 thousand lis come to new Cai " date " . A lone man settle on of 26 years old she. Gave in the man " aunt " 20 thousand yuan hind, chen Xiaosai stayed. These money are occupied saying is the betrothal gifts that gives Chen Xiaosai father and mother -- , the parents that enough of 20 thousand yuan of RMBs lets her is in place to build a house.

Chen Xiaosai does not object this " the marriage that cross a state " . "I like here, burmese too bitter. " she says, "The much drug taking of male National People's Congress over there, do not work, love plays wife. Here ' husband ' very good to me. " Chen Xiaosai's father is practise medicine, the mother is housewife, she still has an elder sister and little brother. Chen Xiaosai says, a lot of women over there them

Be willing " marry " to China.

Letting what Chen Xiaosai did not think of is, border land line is crossed in her, from Yunnan 10 thousand lis far away the 4th day when arrive at new Cai, hunt down and be detained to examine by mechanism of local public security namely.

"I do not think. " Chen Xiaosai's eyes becomes very dim, "' marry ' the person that pass goes back to want with respect to nobody. "' marry ' the person that pass goes back to want with respect to nobody..

Besides Chen Xiaosai, this county once was mixed what still stop illegally is Burmese " bride " amount to is not little. Since 2005, new Cai county hunts down the 103 people of Burmese book woman that enter a country illegally. Nevertheless, besides already of repatriate, still have 69 the name is Burmese " bride " stop here.

Compare with Chen Xiaosai, skin of Burmese book woman is firm (transliteration) to new Cai more be reluctant to leave. 2004, she " marry " arrived countryside of a depressed place of river of new Cai county in home of a farmer, there had been two children now. Policeman platoon checked her last year in the home when, want her repatriate, but her anyway is not willing to go back, at this moment she can have said word of a few Henan. She tells a people's police: "I do not think, man and child are here, the parents in Burmese home had died, going back to have a meal repeatedly is a problem. Going back to have a meal repeatedly is a problem..

When the policeman should take away her forcibly, firm abrupt firm makes the skin oneself year young the child, the child wow wow cry greatly, the policeman has some of have one's hands tied not to have arrange.

"The Burmese woman that come here, besides what be kidnapped and sell individually, do not wish to go back mostly. The man here is right Burmese ' daughter-in-law ' very good, let their go to the fields work rarely. " the country protects public security bureau of new Cai county group of a large body of grows Zhang Jianlin to say.

An objective fact is, the Burmese woman that stops in new Cai did not enter a country legally completely formalities. How do they come to Henan? Why to center Yu Xincai for the most part?

Enter a country illegally

The Burmese woman of a few new Cai " return a married woman's parents' home " , tell about to the sisters of native place in husband's family " happy life " , bring back Burmese woman Henan. New Cai enters a country illegally and illegal and resident Burmese woman, only then at last centuries 90 time. At that time, the mature young person of a few poverty cannot find likely target in this locality. A few long-term and outer work, the youth that works in Yunnan border area especially, via local introduction, know associate with and bring back the Burmese woman that enters a country illegally, form " factual marriage " .

Immediately, many people in succession follow the lead of. On one hand, the Burmese woman of a few new Cai " return a married woman's parents' home " , tell about to the sisters of native place in husband's family " happy life " , bring back Burmese woman Henan; On the other hand, a few mature young people of new Cai also work to Yunnan in succession, "Marry " answer Burmese daughter-in-law.

Burmese female much maler little, economic progress level and Chinese photograph are not smaller than existing difference, make a few Burmese women hope to pass the marriage that cross a state to have a good outlet -- , although this is planted of marital dispute law.

In new Cai, a few male youths are based on managing betrothal gifts and marry the reason of cost, also be willing to choose Burmese woman. Because they need to pay only low criterion thousands of yuan, do not cross 20 thousand yuan high " betrothal gifts " , OK " marry " to a daughter-in-law.

Another way that Burmese woman enters a country illegally is intermediary orgnaization or trader in human beings. A few trader in human beings see profitable, arrive technically in remote border area works, be gotten acquainted with from which and Burmese woman goes to abduct inland, sell single male young person.

Management of condition of discrepancy of city of the inn that be stationed in a horse grows Xiong Xinhua to say everywhere, from enter a country illegally to look with the circumstance of the Burmese woman of resident place, have a plenty of the husband to die or bringing a child from different hind, life hardship, be willing to come to China live, do not wish to go back; Have a plenty of the age to slant big, the target cannot be found in place, be willing to come to China.

"Still having a kind of case is, go out work to be kidnapped and sell by trader in human beings China. These people are willing to go back. " Xiong Xinhua says.

A platoon of public security mechanism checks a circumstance to show: In recent years, enter a country illegally the increase of Burmese woman year after year that enters new Cai. Especially 2005, the number increases more quickly.

June 2005, public security bureau detected new Cai to kidnap and sell case of Burmese book woman together. Public security mechanism from proceed with of two when be sent police station by masses Burmese women, find out all the way, discovered one is illegallied or forcibly occupy in Yunnan luck the kidnaps and sell Burmese woman crime gang of beautiful city. After this crime gang is demolished, new Cai platoon checks blow " 3 blame " the job is begun in the round.

"Since 2005, we are right ' 3 blame ' personnel undertook comprehensive check, blow and repatriate, get certain result. Hunt down 103 Burmese women in all, destroy kidnap and sell gang of crime of foreign nationality woman two, hunt down guilty suspect 16 people, already arrested 8 people. " Wang Yifeng of director of public security of new Cai county says.

The road of repatriate

They used time of near 4 days... by destination of repatriate of new Cai Dao, the distance of 4000 much kilometers, they had not closed a key point almost.

Enter a country illegally to what hunt down Burmese book woman, according to the regulation ought to repatriate goes back to the motherland.

On Feburary 13, 2006 morning 7 when, head a group by Zhang Jianlin, public security bureau of new Cai county counts a policeman to set out from the county, woman of Burmese to 5 book undertakes repatriate. After two hours, they reach the store that be stationed in a horse. After doing to hand over formalities, zhang Jianlin prepares to ascend the train that heads for Kunming all right.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Attack wedding of king sign language continuously- Become enamoured of bride of huge nebular volume weeps

On April 1, 2011, wang Zhiwen is in Shanghai big public house of soup official intercontinental holds marriage dinner. Marriage banquet lasted to 9 o'clock at 6 o'clock from in the evening, the reporter outside field is surrounded, the star inside field gathers, well-known public figure is present inside numerous circle congratulate. The affection of joyance of unpleasant attack by surprise on Wang Zhiwen face, kiss with wife deep feeling, and Chen Jian is red it is to weep for a time more, occasion warmth.

Wang Zhiwen is alight unpleasant attack by surprise is happy

The affection of great rejoicing of Wang Zhiwen unpleasant attack by surprise, lower his head to bear laugh enter bridal spot. Wang Zhiwen already passed not of be puzzled year, with Chen Jian's red feeling only then at how before New Year. Heat up because style of two human nature is low-key slow, till a year before, two talents appear formally between close friends. Two people plan to decided wedding day last year formerly, but because of certain reason, still decide finally to pick this happy day in this year. Great rejoicing of it may be said faces the door today, the Wang Zhiwen on wedding wears white Dresses, the color of one face joyance.

Chen Jian is red when expressing feeling character, be fond of for a time extremely and sob.

Wang Zhiwen and wife deep feeling kiss.

The bride is fond of extremely and sob and Wang Zhiwen deep feeling are kissed

Chen Jian is red pull ground marriage gauze to appear with white that evening, all along guest proposes a toast one by one present one's compliment, touch for a time when expressing feeling character cry, tear of mop of raise one's hand, kiss with deep feeling of king sign language, occasion warmth is touching. It is reported, she ever was the member of team of fashion show of company of Shanghai fashionable dress, wait for the famous model on Shanghai with Ma Yanli " division goes out with the door " . Because appearance condition is good, favor by ad business. Turn to hold the position of the controller that car of some famous brand goes all right nowadays, yearly salary is as high as 50 million.

The giant star inside field gathers

Congratulation will drink wedding feast before the star inside numerous circle, sun Nan, Ceng Zhiwei, Zhu Shimao most first one batch arrives, and Zhu Shimao is taking golf staff unexpectedly in the hand. Subsequently Miao Qiaowei comfortable and recreational outfit, head wears one banquet cap smile walks along baseball, back-to-back two directors Zhao Baogang, Huang Jianxin also arrives subsequently, occasion is lively.

The spot is decorated grand and festival

Whole wedding appears grand and low-key, wang Zhiwen abandons traditional Kaidilake or Lincoln marriage car, sitting only ferial the Lu Hu that leaves everyday reachs bridal spot, just he swabs love car meticulously anew, and the Chinese knot of a lot of red was decorated inside the car, also use a convention with respect to box of the towel that join paper Luo Zhongguo of red bright and beautiful spends lubricious bundle, there is one canister Wang Laoji by driver's seat, yi Shigong color is packed, leave a garage with respect to the ground that jockeys even Wang Zhiwen, what also put written guarantee of a Za Manzhong state is potted, a flourishing. And Wang Zhiwen's relatives and friends criterion from protect the gules dust coat that the bride takes out inside nimble car is mixed black suit of Wang Zhiwen goes upstairs, the place of anyhow detail is full of festive atmosphere everywhere.

And the marriage gauze before hotel door is illuminated on, wang Zhiwen and Chen Jian are red wear Dresses of Long Feng of gules Chinese style, indicative dragon Feng Chengxiang, very festival.

Type of marriage banquet dish is expensive

Wang Zhiwen and Chen Jian are red what choose this is 5880 yuan " heaven-made union " banquet. Dish includes: Welcome guest mussel of the 8 cold dish, lucky assorted cold dishes that burn flavour, coral fries the fim of braise of fine and soft of shelled fresh shrimps, chicken, decoct that burn juice choice seafood of flesh of grouper of ginseng, kylin, crab fries crab of Niu Liu, Yun Zhongzheng flesh, Chun Baibao meal, beautiful dot pair. Additional, two people still added Bao to join wing abdomen on original basis a kind of more expensive dish, skill is quite easy.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A surname Yong Junxi obtains 3 large award to explode oneself 3 years inside marry

Was in what the hall holds an Er MBC to award prize last night on celebration, is a surname Yong Jun asked about by compere " whether are you lone creed person? " " when to marry? " when the answer says: "The likelihood marries inside 3 years of future " .

Crutch of Yong Junzhu of a surname of large award winner appears on the stage.

Spend this year in Korea most drama of large ancient costume of TV station of the topic work that gets attention, MBC " too Wang Si god is written down " Yong Jun of hero a surname, obtained " the acting of MBC is big this year award " .

Was in what the hall holds an Er MBC to award prize last night on celebration, because pat teleplay when, knee gets hurt lean on a stick is worn a surname Yong Jun that crutch attends holds a top prize in both hands when, obtain Korea and the vermicelli made from bean starch that come from the Asian each district such as Japan people enthusiastic applause.

Is a surname Yong Jun asked about by compere " whether are you lone creed person? " " when to marry? " when the answer says: "The likelihood marries inside 3 years of future " . Besides acting large award, a surname Yong Jun returns with one action to undertake the whole thing award of optimal person energy of life and optimal sweethearts award, become 3 coronals king

Friday, March 4, 2011

Critical marriage - deduce extramarital affair tiny stream child explode oneself already married parturient

Long-term since the tie that gets feudal morality idea, people talks " quality " color changes. Progress as social civilization, "Asexuality marriage " already was the social phenomenon that is commented extensively in recent years. Recently, home involves contemporary asexuality marriage the first times, and the teleplay of the affection morality that brings by asexuality marriage place " critical marriage " be about to in Nanjing stage news integrated channel appears. Yesterday, the female main actor of this drama tiny stream child with the author Li Muling comes to Nanjing.

"Asexuality marriage " experience extramarital affair

Be in " critical marriage " in, heroine -- , because the marriage of psychological doctor Wang Xiaoli of 33 years old encounters " asexuality " , produced extramarital affair. After struggling, beside she returned him husband finally, comprehended " a home to return to that good family should be normal person " . The Ling of playwrite plum wood of this drama says, the ending of end-all is installed, represented the domestic view of herself, "The recipe with successful marriage is both sides of husband and wife should do a good person, should marry namely additionally a good person, two heroes that I write are very kind-hearted, they still went finally one case afresh. I also am to want to tell everybody, our everybody should cherish marriage, cherish the child, cherish everything. Cherish everything..

Tiny stream child: I marry already parturient

Tiny stream child be in piece in the woman that acts a Gong Xing to give a wall, to marriage medium off the rails her feeling fine is much, "Gong Xing gives wall may not is a means of settlement, instead pressure will be greater. As long as both sides is sentient still, stand fast with respect to this the fort of live front courtyard. I am special the old person that admires the sort of full head silver hair pulls a hand to go on the street, I hope to be able to be mixed one day husband such. " and in real life, tiny stream child had married, "I had never been carried, because I feel this is my privacy, I hope everybody pays close attention to the play that I perform morely, is not a few otherer farfetched red is heard. Actually I still am taking a son to come along today. Actually I still am taking a son to come along today..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 people talk strategy of sale of gem market brand

North of fleabane high mountain has one tremendous burrow, dark not is measured greatly, before ceaseless somebody troops, circumjacent common people is gone to amuse oneself.

Jin Chaochu year, one person enters a wrong path by accident, drop into the hole. Stray person seeks the exit of burrow in darkness, went ten days about, suddenly a day at the moment be suddenly enlightened. A careless house appears in at the moment, there are 2 people to fall to sitting in careless house chess. Object the person of the hole says to them he is both hungry and thirsty, the person of play chess is pointing to a cup to say: "Drank it. "Stray person is drunk, feel suddenly effort times add. Be down the person ask the way of the chess again, play chess person tells him: "From now on westing, see one courtyard, there is flood dragon dragon in. Go in simply, natural meeting leaves here. hungry the food in can eating a well. hungry the food in can eating a well..

Stray person according to give directions, used time of half an year about, come out from inside the hole eventually. After returning the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to fall, he asks an anchoret that calls Zhang Hua, zhang Hua tells him: "You are to touch go up celestial being. What you drink is jade oar then; Eat that can be marrow of stone of dragon acupuncture point. Eat that can be marrow of stone of dragon acupuncture point..

   - - the Chao Taoqian that occupy advance is written " search god is adscript "

Opening remarks: Enter 21 centuries, our country economy is maintaining powerful development momentum, dweller income grows quickly, annual growth of forehead of dweller bank deposit crosses -727379968 yuan, to 2002 year end deposits money amount personal breakthrough -1524072448 yuan, broke through 10 trillion yuan again first half of the year 2003. The purchasing power with Chinese driving consumer decided China has made the consumptive market with the biggest whole world.

At present our country getting acts the role of consumption with annual the rate of 15 % rises. Domestic gold, platinic gold, diamond act the role ofing is tasted reach gem of of all kinds coloured, jade, silver to act the role of a brand to be gotten each coquettish, especially gold, platinic gold, diamond act the role ofing tastes development potential is tremendous.

However, go to look focusing when us in old structure of competition of home market brand, must face a kind of such facts awkwardly again: The well-known trademark of transnational corporation is popular in China, and Chinese product is spent in the acknowledge of Euramerican area is not very tall however. Foreign authoritative orgnaization is judging 100 whole worlds that give in recent years a list of names posted up on brand of neither one China is returned in the most valuable brand. Meanwhile, be worth what we pay close attention to is Chinese market after joining WTO, domestic company will encounter the brand " of the enterprise that cross a state surround a " in the door together.

Industry of Chinese gem jewelry in last few years flying development be obvious to all. But the primary market feature of Chinese jewelry industry also lets us see: Competition of market of domestic jewelry headgear still is in the price competition phase of low administrative levels, the brand " that this backside extend the meaning gives is coessential if cannot get,turn " and issue of " of credit of market " consumption solve in time, be sure to harm industry whole interest, restrict industry health to develop. Say with the word of senior personage inside course of study: Domestic jewelry company is at present collective be absent from school!

"Brand location is not exact, brand core value individual character of unsharpness, lack, brand temperament tends duplicate. "These problems make the general sign that evaluates sale of brand of company of numerous industry China almost, blow on the face and the black hole that warfare of the price war that come, trench becomes ethical brand to be walked out of hard. If we mere end is a these problems commercialize primary level place must susceptive price falls and cannot be afraid of, the key is us after domestic numerous company is paying price whether collective arousal!

Can say, everything what encounter in other industry place is in again it seems that jewelry industry whacking returns. "Brand sale is native land brand is the shortest in this cask in Chinese jewelry industry that one board, how many what it decided cask contains water. "A when industry of jewelry of China of hit the mark with a single comment of chairman of guild of headgear of jewelry of gold of city of vice-chairman of vice-chairman of association of Chinese gem jade, Chinese gold association, Shenzhen Mr Xu Jinchi exists general issue.

In Hong Kong Ming Feng getting acts the role of held " to get act the role of elegance and talent of beautiful shadow peerless- - acting dictum abundant got Liu Jialing 2006 after acting the role of press conference " , in hotel of sanded seascape of Shenzhen big plum, the heat problem of the market of gem of a few China that our newspaper reporter cares currently with respect to the reader especially the problem of gem sale, invite the famous expert that enters industry of a few of the meeting domestic and international jewelry, namely Dai Liquan of expert of famous sale of people of 10 big famous layout, China, chairman of guild of headgear of jewelry of gold of vice-chairman of association of Chinese gem jade, Chinese gold association, Shenzhen makes bright and beautiful pool, bright abundant of senior personage, Hong Kong gets British jewelry industry adorn (China) the delegate is in chief delegate Edward · Wosensi a have an informal discussion, feel pulse the general trends of sale of market of our country gem together with wide readership, I wish can be edified somewhat to the reader

Reporter: From last centuries since 90 time, chinese jewelry industry enters the dimensions that is a feature with industry measure leap to change development level, 21 centuries develop to change development level in order to shape company image for diagnostic brand. Numerous and similar Kadiya, Zhoudafu, Ming Feng getting is acted the role of wait for internationalization gem brand to enter home market, be Chinese jewelry industry upgrade infuse impulsion.

Can foreknow, as domestic jewelry the farther maturity of retail market, of the industry upgrade will no longer terminal of bureau be confined to, the production that still will involve whole industry catenary at the same time, current wait for each levels with relevant service. " regulations of management of Chinese concessionary industry " since promulgating, concessionary join in chain company is like the emerge in large numbers like emerge, concessionary domain coruscate goes out exuberant opportunity of survival. After the progress that can say experience of Chinese gem already ten years, facing unprecedented development opportunity, we believe to accompanying an industry to develop ceaseless improvement of the environment, industry of Chinese gem jewelry will keep healthy, continuously, the favorable situation of steady progress. As the diversity that gem consumes, market of Chinese gem headgear will by ceaseless fractionize, we see trend of Chinese jewelry industry upgrades in the round will gladly.

I am honoured to be able to ask 3 very much today, 3 are the authoritative personage inside course of study, here I want to ask 3 to reach jewelry industry to develop trend problem to express respective point of view with respect to gem sale problem above all.

Xu Jinchi: The national reform to diamond tax system, revenue level that reduces diamond further, and China joins WTO, be sure to drive diamond jewelry market develop steadily, of Shanghai diamond bourse run normally, also make of diamond trade process more vitrification. The message discloses, hopeful of naked stone value added tax fell 2006 4 % , this makes get the main trend that makes place become original rock to enter the mouth, jewelry industry person not necessary because of the profit of 4 % smuggling. Will integratedly see gem market will present the following characteristics: Retail business will increase diamond market sale strength; Foreland, economy developeds market of area, country will begin to start. We see numerous and similar Ming Feng is gotten gladly adorn wait for internationalization gem brand to enter home market, ming Feng getting acts the role of deep brand culture to accumulate, mature management and sale concept are sure to bring vitality to whole industry, so I think the diamond retailing shop of this kind of brand will have bigger growth henceforth. Their join what can give whole gem the industry to upgrade bring motive power.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winter thick coat + scarf scheming collocation exceeds heat preservation

V slips on U of the needle below needle float is slippery the needle on float issueing a needle, next needles | Go up needle

Spending the New Year is wh what month a few it is clear that we are felt early, so send a mother-in-law what gift about spending the New Year suggest you see these mother-in-laws below can like very much certainly, and complimentary you are a sensible daughter-in-law.

Scarf can be the one hundred percent in cold winter play the part of the United States necessary. Different pattern also can portray a different style. Tassel silk towel already Out, the scarf that contains tassel ornament just is today of the winter most In sheet is tasted. How does the choice suit his scarf? How does prize give in collocation with scarf? Let small make up take you to learn textual research together!

Small make up comment on: The big sweater of decorative pattern of this north Europe exceeds popularity this year, the tall waist pants of bottom of a trouser leg of again tie-in hem, whole dresses up fashionable feeling full marks! Scarf of a big tassel is multilayer wrap up, super show a face small! The MM that has this respect worry mights as well try oh ~

Small make up comment on: The big cape color of sapphire blue color is gorgeous, wool simple sense affirms heat preservation! Shoes of a pair of gram of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of cloth reversing an opening and tassel scarf are integral Look tide model add cent!

Small make up comment on: The color of camel's hair of a suit is dressed up chase after tide closely, but hale however and superabundant, tenderness is insufficient. The scarf of tassel bud silk with qualitative gauze added a few minutes of melting temperament for MM. Clean out treasure men's clothing